Today, every marketer or business person wants the top rank in the marketing field as well as in the social media. If you are thinking that only Facebook and Twitter are all-in-all of social media marketing, then think about it once again. Say Hi to another business partner “Pinterest”. Pinterest is a mobile based social network and a web startup that has a software system to determine information on the world wide web. It’s a place where people can pin the things they want.

Some Serious Numbers on Pinterest Influencers:

With over 150 million monthly active users, globally, Pinterest is one social media channel that poised to overcome the online purchase hurdle.

Here’re  some more fabulous facts from the experts are:

  • 81% of Pinterest’s users are women and 92% Pins are Created by women and approx 90% Pins are shared by Women.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing site with a 120% growth in male users in 2016.
  • It brags billions of Pins
  • These Pins live longer
  • It is one of the best platform to promote your business

And much more…

Interesting facts about Pinterest

In this post, we are going to share 3 tips for smarter Pinterest marketing.

Tip #1: Modify your Content in Accordance with The Audience:

Pinterest has a loyal and engaged user base. Pinners, Pins on niche topics. As you can see, the 3 big and popular categories are – food & drinks, DIY & craft, and home decor. These 3 categories generate a huge mass of activity.

This means, to make your brand successful on Pinterest, you business have to align with the Pinning audience’s interest. Pinterest is totally different from other social networking platforms. And this can be to your profit or loss.

Women pins by category in Pinterest

Here’s an excellent example, if you are having the products of crafts and DIY, then your brand can be the most followed brand as crafts and DIY is the most followed board on Pinterest.

Tip #2: Generate Pinnable Content:

As we have started to dig in on the best way to connect with our targeted audience on Pinterest, we have to consider an interesting question: How to generate pinnable content? We’re not in one of the top niches for Pinning: Crafts, food and drinks, home decor. How  can  we make sure that every post we create is as pinnable as possible? It’s going to be a fun experiment to see what’s worked well here:

For an  example: Etsy, one of the most popular brands on Pinterest. Yet, only 8 out of every 100 pins come from the on-site pin it button. Instead, over 67% of  Etsy pins are coming for the bookmarklet button. It means, the awesome brand boards and the on-site optimization might not be the actual secrete to success, it may have more engaging effect with generating naturally pinnable content to the boards.

The most popular brand "Etsy" board

We’ve found that the best Pinnable content have one (or more) of the following elements:

  • Aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5    
  • Vertical (description) orientation
  • Minimum 600 pixels wide, with 736 pixels being optimal
  • Text overlay on the image   
  • Up to 3 separate images in a collage
  • Rich and descriptive alt text

Bonus Tip: You can do a bit of branding by placing your brand logo in the corner of the image, too.

PinDominaotor's brand logo

Tip #3: Follow the Proper Pinning pattern:

Pinterest is well-known as the highly-engaging platform which is available at all hours of a day. Pinning is the vital part in Pinterest. If your Pinning technique is not exact, then your brand and products can’t survive in Pinterest and hence your Pinterest marketing will roll down. So always follow the proper Pinning pattern. Here we’ve given the hourly Pins for the top 5 categories.

You can see the consistent pinning pattern of the top 5 categories throughout a day. For a general idea, we are giving the perfect time of Pinning so that you will be able to get more traffic and audience. So have a look:

Hourly Pins for top 5 categories

  • Small Pinning happens at night.
  • Throughout the day, you will get balanced or steady Pinning.
  • A confound Pin in the evening.
  • In a working day, 32% of Pinning happens. (i:e from 10 am-4 pm)
  • And the rest 18% of Pinning happen in the midnight, i:e 9 pm.

So these are the fruitful timing for Pinning images on Pinterest. Even these techniques seem easier, the marketer has to follow many times taking processes to maintain a smart marketing environment. If we are talking about smart marketing, then why should we go for traditional techniques! Let’s use the smart way to enhance your Pinterest marketing. So, in this case you can switch to Pinterest automation techniques with the help of an outstanding software i:e “PinDominator. This software is made up of certain advanced and impressive features to enhance your Pinterest marketing venture.


PinDominator can automate your accounts and manage Pinterest activities. Using this tool you can get the smarter Pinterest marketing with minimal spending. Let’s have a short overview of those efficient features:

Smarten your Pinterest marketing Via PinDominator:

#1. Account Checker Module:

Upload Account:

Upload Account Feature

This feature allows you to add or delete single or multiple Pinterest accounts. Using this feature, you can check the active and inactive accounts and can filter them out.

Manage Account:

Manage Account Module

This feature manages the operations of accounts. Here you can update the credentials of single or multiple accounts.

#2. Pin Like/Commenter:


Like Module

This module allows you to like and comment on Pins. Not only this, you can like and comment on specific Pins also. You can also like or comment on the Pins of your followings or followers too. You can mention your following on those comments too.


Comment Module

Just like “Like Module”, this module also allows users to comment/like on Pins. You can mention your followers on your comments. Along with that, you can comment on random Pins or on specific Pins also. 

#3. Pin:


Repin Module

This feature allows you to Repin images or photos from a specific board for your board through single or multiple accounts. You can randomly repin from single or multiple users. You can do this via keywords with ease.

Add New Pin:

Add New Pin Module

Here you can find and posts pins of your custom user list. You can find those pictures by keywords. It has the ability to mention the username in your Pin too.

So these are the basic features of PinDominator. If you want to know in detail, then click here: you can get to know about the rest of the features of PinDominator.

Over To You: 

As you can see, now Pinterest is attracting a business person to use its field. The smart features and advanced operations can help you in getting more traffic in your Pinterest marketing. As this topic is about inventing the smarter ways to enhance the Pinterest marketing with minimal spending, then I must say no better way is there except PinDominator. Follow the steps mentioned above which can give you the essential fuel in your Pinterest marketing and sharpen your strategies. To get more ideas regarding Pinterest marketing and PinDominator, follow our latest blogs.  

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