Why do you use Pinterest? I guess to acknowledge with more creativity or lots of engagement.

I personally use Pinterest for getting massive referral traffic. This social media introduced the power of beautiful and creative images. Businesses have lots of opportunities here to promote their brand. Generally, women are the most active user of this website. By pinning their own images on Pinterest, they can get huge traffic to a website.




A resource has also confirmed that Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn combined. But you need to gain the basic idea about gaining traffic. There are several ways to maximize your engagement with Pinterest. Choosing the right content, engaging the community, running contests can help you building visibility of your product and through that you can successfully drive huge traffic.

Here are the important ways which can drive huge traffic and improve your Pinterest marketing strategy.

1: Start Using Rich Pins

If you are a new user then firstly you need to understand its marketing strategy and secondly need to take help by those pins which contain extra information related to your website. Your customers can use those pin as well from your website and can gain their knowledge as well. Rich pins can also improve CTR. One of the best advantages of using rich pins is, they can enable any customer with price notifications. If you make any changes in the price of your product, the customer who repinned your images would receive an email notifying them of the price changeability.


Ric- Pin-on-Pinterest


2: Sell the Original Lifestyle

People are much attracted towards original stuff. Inspire your audiences by introducing them to original lifestyle. Create a board first and pin the lifestyle themes that include your products. Businesses understand the latest demand of people and Pinterest is all about the creativity so, more they pin the images related with original lifestyle, the more would be their brand visibility.




3: Write Pin Description to Attract Customers

The pin description appears under the pin images and it provides the additional information about the respective pin. Your content depends on the images you have chosen and those pinned images must give a brief overview for better understanding. Your customer always expects the best from you and to satisfy them, you have to add the description as a little bit of mystery. Use shorter description and always include all the search terms to reach out your website. You can also add hashtags and web addresses in your description.


4: Run Pinterest Contests

Contests are always the best way to spread your message to the people. It would increase your engagement and would definitely drive immense referral traffic to your website. Promote your brands but don’t make it in a spammy behavior. You can add the earlier URL of successful contests to add the extra information. E-commerce sites are very productive and highly uses Pinterest to generate more leads on sale. If you are a new user, then you can take their help and by seeing their contests you can organize your own as well.


Wrapping words

People are very fond of new and interesting things and Pinterest is the complete package of creative and unique items. This might be among one of the reasons behind the Pinterest popularity. To get better improvement on your business growth and leading sales, use a Pinterest marketing software “PinDominator”. This software won’t only manage your Pinterest account but also help in achieving your goal by its different features.

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