Internet marketing has grown massively nowadays. Everyone is accepting Internet marketing as the best way to spread their business. In many different marketing fields, Pinterest is one of the best marketing platforms. When it comes to online marketing, Pinterest comes first in professional’s mind. So,

Are you thinking about Pinterest marketing?

Do you have any idea regarding Pinterest marketing?

Is it the best way to market your business?

Why Pinterest?

Well, if you are puzzled by these questions, then let me clear your confusion. In this post, I will tell you some tips and tricks about the use of Pinterest in marketing. But before that;

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is an immense visual search engine which is full of interests. When you are searching something on Google, you do through words. But when you are searching on Pinterest, you will get the different experience. It’s visual. If you are typing something on Pinterest, then in result you will get photos and videos which make more interest towards it. The visual portion of Pinterest is the best part of it. Besides this, many other features are also there which make Pinterest more popular and wide.

Pinterest search bar

Why market your business on Pinterest?

Are you known to this fact that 75% of pin images which are saved in Pinterest come from business? A pin has the ability to last for months, even years also as compared to other social media sites. For this feature, Pinterest drags traffic towards it and this continues till the Pin present on the image. From an analysis, it has found that Pinterest has the potential to drive more sales than other marketing sites. These are the common reason for which Pinterest is preferred for business.

Beside these Pinterest can drive more traffic easily than other social networking sites by using Pinterest marketing tools. Do you have any idea regarding Pinterest marketing tool? Well, let’s know about this.

Pinterest marketing tool:

The Pinterest marketing tool is a software which is used to make Pinterest marketing easier and quicker. Many marketing tools are present now. But which one is the best among all? YES, “PinDominator” is the best ever Pinterest marketing tool. Many users have given their positive response to PinDominator. Let’s talk about this.




PinDominator: The all-in-one Pinterest marketing tool. Pinterest has taken as the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Professionals tap Pinterest effectively to advertise their marketing strategy effectively. To drive traffic and to get boosts to your business, it is important to use a marketing tool like PinDominator.

PinDominator allows its users to chose their liked categories and pages according to their choice. Among all Pinterest users, 72% users are ladies. They do prefer to the visual features. It makes interesting and easy for the users to search for a particular product through visual effects.

Different features of PinDominator have made it more popular and wide. Some of the best features I have mentioned below. Have a look on those features.

#1. Account checker Module:

Account Checker Module

The account checker module helps in filtering accounts of Pinterest. It filters out all the accounts of Pinterest. You don’t need to put many efforts in this. Just put a list of accounts. It separates the working and non-working accounts easily.

#2. Follow/Unfollow Module:

Follow (by user name) Module

UnFollow (by user name) Module

This feature helps you to follow multiple users at the same time by their names. Similarly, you can unfollow multiple people at the same time who are not following you back. This makes your work easier and saves your time. Is not it helpful?

#3. Like Module:

Like Module

It does the like operation with ease. Now you can easily like Pins. You don’t need to do much. Just upload the Pin URL and this feature will do its job. You don’t need to do much. Similarly, get a number of likes by uploading pin URLs.

#4. Invite Module:

Invite Module (Add users to Board)

Using this feature, you can invite hundreds of people from your mail contacts to join your Pinterest account and follow you. Just put the list of contacts and this feature will help you in sending invitations automatically. Is not it easier than others?

Wrapping Words:

From the above description, we have seen that Pinterest is the best marketing field to spread your business and PinDominator works as the savior in the entire process. So try out this now and get the pleasure of being famous and popular through Pinterest.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope I was able to give you some ideas regarding Pinterest and PinDominator. Get more information regarding the same by following our site.

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