Pinterest is considered to be among those social media sites that have created a buzz within a minimal time span. With over 1 millions of visits per day, Pinterest is no longer an underdog, as compared to highly engaged social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

Thus with its ever growing tendencies, marketers are eyeing Pinterest as their new power packed tool for business. So if you are lately looking for a way out to attract more to your blogs and increase your website traffic? Pinterest can be of great assistance. But just like most marketing fields, here too you need to formulate latest and absolute marketing strategies.

Business on Pinterest

How to formulate? Where to get ideas from? Leave that to me. Because hereby I will bring forth some simple yet amazing tips that would allow you craft a stunning marketing plan. Once you come up with an extraordinary plan; your brand will not only reach out to many but will be pinned to their hearts.

How To Make Pinterest Work For You?

From time immemorial, humans have loved pictures, pictures of beautiful things. Thus we are visual loving creatures and are fond of viewing more and more. So here is Pinterest presenting us with its enormous virtual board to pin each and every photograph we like? This is considered as one of the greatest selling points of Pinterest and marketers are welcome to avail it .

Pinterest For Marketing

The main aspect of any form of marketing is to gain the confidence and loyalty of your customers and audiences. So if you straight away want to go for crowd pulling, usage of more captivating images might make your pins more eye catching. And once it is up to the mark, your images will be repined and your business will flourish.

4 Ways To Getting Pinned:

By now it must be very clear to you that Pinterest is about attractive pictures and cool images. So in order to get going with your marketing on Pinterest, you should follow certain tips that I am going to deliver. Through the proper usage of these, you can end up being a successful marketer on the Pinterest social platform.

  • Create Unique Boards:

Creating new and unique boards and organizing them in an appropriate way. Will definitely help your business to stand out in the crowd. Nowadays even board names too can manipulate users to visit your board. Thus creating cool names for your boards will generate a sense of curiosity among Pinterest visitors and they will automatically crowd. However featuring genuine contents in your boards will let all those users to follow you. So focus on establishing separate boards with creative images that make your followers delighted.

Create Unique Pinterest Boards

  • Use High-Quality Shareable Images:

As discussed above new boards would call for creative and latest high-quality images. So do pin images that are presentable ones, having decent pixel densities. Another thing you must not forget is that all such images you post should be shareable and thus free of any watermarks. It has been lately understood that the images most shared are the ones most viewed. So do keep this in mind and accordingly add images. Sizes of images are also to be of great concern, thus images with better resolutions are necessary. All your images must be free from any of your product’s prices as this may backfire. So do keep clean and shareable images only.

High Quality Shareable Images On Pinterest

  • Give Detailed Descriptions:

If you are eager to see your images noticed and gain instant followers, write some sort of description along with your images. A detailed description added to your images can add that x-factor you are looking for. Presenting descriptions through the usage of keywords will also make it easier for people to search for your pictures, thereby ensuring extended traffic to your website.

  • Reward Your Pinners:

If you want your existing customers to stay happy and delighted forever after; introduce some sort of rewarding schemes. Give away prizes to all those pinners who helped you getting more likes, shares and made you popular. Obviously, the prizes should be your budget friendly. Thus in this manner, you will let your brand emerge as the favorite one among users.

Rewards On Pinterest


So in this post, I provided your adequate knowledge on ways that can facilitate your Pinterest marketing. But nevertheless, all such ways tend to become much easier if you get a powerful Pinterest marketing tool in your hand like PinDominator. PinDominator offers you with all sorts of features a Pinterest marketer desires for. So don’t wait up, get your own software.

So if this post seemed to have benefited you in any way, do give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to share your experiences and reviews through comments.

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