In the current strategy of marketing, every marketer maintains their official blog to update details of their product. Though marketers choose social media for promotion of product still, they need to keep an official blog section where a customer can get a chance to know more about your product, business objective, and offers and so on.

A marketer should know that the page ranking by search engines are done by raising the number of visitors to one’s official page. So, to increase the visitors for your official site you need to write blogs and share it through various social media. Initially, it was noticed only Facebook and Twitter were helping blogs to get traffic but a few days back, it was found Pinterest is the most powerful site to gain traffics for your blogs.

marketing with Pinterest


The reasons which made experts announce that Pinterest is actually boosting traffic for blogs is, nearly 85% Pinterest users purchase what they have pinned. In only one or two years Pinterest has more than 70 million users and they have sent over 30 million pins. Seeing all these huge engagements you can never ignore to start marketing in Pinterest.

Even if you are not promoting your product via blog writing, only writing blogs for your personal interest to share ideas, you can share it via Pinterest to get more followers too for your blogs. There are many professional bloggers who follow sharing blogs in different social site and raise the traffic for it.

Now let’s talk about those five best ways of Pinterest which will drag traffic for your blogs.

1.Optimize your images to increase number of re-pins:


 The image you use on Pinterest has a great impact of getting more re-pins so to spread your reach never forget to optimize your images. There are also some tricks to optimize your existing images and to create your own images in an optimized process which will help to get more re-pins and likes.

The small points which can help your Pinterest images to get more traffic are, the image with several effective colors get more pins or re-pins than an image with just single color. Similarly, images with red-orange complexion get double pins than images with blue –green complexions.

The images with a smooth texture are more pinned as compared to rough images and brand images without a face are chosen more than images with faces.

Hence, while creating feature images or other images for blogs do take care of this points so that it will help your blog to get more traffic.

2.Be a part of different Boards:


 Initially, you might face difficulty in getting audiences for your Pinterest account, in that case, you should take the advantage of joining various boards and share your blogs there. Pinterest has ‘N’ number of groups over 10k followers and keeping this fact in mind just imagine how your blog will get attention.

You can be a part of the famous board and give them re-pins so that you can expect back re-pins for your blogs or other activities.

join Pinterest boards


3. Manage your Pins with PinDominator:


Using PinDominator software, you can manage your Pinterest activities in an automated way. If you are a busy marketer, don’t have much time to devote to Pinterest marketing then you can use PinDominator.

This software is only made to manage your Pinterest account automatically like, it will keep your account activities busy on various boards, give re-pins to users, schedule your pins and follow users.

PinDominator is the most genuine and trustworthy software only meant for managing Pinterest activities with few clicks. Even a common Pinterest user can use it to manage their account in an engaging way and all these activities will raise the visitors for your blogs.


Pinterest business with PinDominator


4.Add call to Action with Pin:

If you want to redirect users from your pins to blogs then you need to add a call to action in your pin description. By adding a call-to-action button you can increase the number of clicks and re-pins from Pinterest users. But, while adding a call to action button, you need to highlight the points or images to get more clicks.


5.Target your Pinterest Audiences:

 Like, any other social media marketing, in Pinterest marketing also audiences engagements, views, and interest matters. Hence, while developing blog content you must keep in view what your audiences are looking for. We are not saying to follow each and every user’s suggestion, at least go for those users who are active and engaging with your page.

Another best way to target audiences is you can follow successful brands to know their secret of targeting and getting traffic.


Final Thought:

 Though there would be many expert blogs mentioning various methods to drive traffic to your blogs or website, we found these tactics are most easiest and effective ways following which any professional can direct Pinterest users to get traffic for their blogs. You can follow our blogs to know more about Pinterest marketing and subscribe for a free newsletter to stay updated about marketing tips.


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