Nearly three dozen developers spent their whole night to make the Pinterest place in social six(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+) it shows that it’s looking to match the offers given by other social media to their business promoters. presently Pinterest Grab 41% of e-commerce traffic compared to other social media networks.

Last few month Pinterest makes a lot of changes and introduce new features to their website to attract users.

In upcoming days Pinterest changes itself to social shopping platforms. To make itself different from competitors like Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, I will let you know about the new features added to Pinterest to boost online sales on Pinterest.

Buyable Pins

This new feature has been added to your catalog which will change the existence of Pinterest. Earlier it is only available for iPhone and iPad users. Approx 80% of Pinterest users are on the mobile phone and 10 million products are for sales on Pinterest. Show this Buyable pins will give you purchasing power . Just with one click, you can buy through credit cards or Apple pay. This buyable pins will not be used for promoting. The features of buyable pins have been already tried with the youtube video.

Promotional Pins

Pins having huge potentials to make your business viral. Promotion pins about 80% of pins are repinned. It shows your pins longer time on screen than a tweet. For example promoting pins are just like promoting the post on the Facebook. You can target your audience through the different audience like keywords, location, gender. same as another platform. Promoted pins increase the engagements rate of any business up to 5%.

Visual Search

Sometimes you find something creative and beautiful on Pinterest and you want it in your real life. The Pinterest new search function will allow you to find that product in real life. Pin visual search can be operated in any pin. you can make a search through mouse hovering on it and top with search option on the right side of the screen. And from their select and drag the image you are curious about. Clicking on search icon will bring white dots on your screen clicking on that dots you can select his image and click on the explore similar pin.

Visual Serach

Shopping Bags

Pinterest now gives their users a shopping bags. No matters though which you are online (web or app ) you can shop from different merchants and keep your all item in your shopping bag and pay all your item in one payment same as Amazon where you buy a product from different merchants and pay them in one payment.

Promoting Through Video

Millions of people landed himself on Pinterest every month to discover new ideas to try. One of the best method to boost these ideas through video. So Pinterest bring video facility to make your idea more viral among people. Promoted video brings some of the best element of Pinterest. Promoting your business through Pinterest will help you to gain more traffic for your business. This unique idea of promoting video attract a lot of businesses towards Pinterest.


These unique features of Pinterest give different platform to their users. Pinterest combine marketing and social media in one platform which make it different from other social media sites.

What’s your opinion about the new features of Pinterest ? let us know through your comment.

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