Are you one of them who is obsessed with clicking pictures and getting a number of likes? The world has been crazy for selfies and posting on a social networking site and if you are one of them then nothing is strange here.

If you are a businessman then posting a picture plays a key role to drive much traffic to your website. There was a time when marketers solve their traffic problem by simply simmering out more contents and spending lots of money on advertising. But this approach only work if you have lots of capital to invest.

While several marketers and businessmen have realized conception and turned their attention towards social networking sites for increasing revenues and driving massive traffic, they again made a mistake of placing their major focus on Facebook and other social sites. Hence, missed tons of traffic that might be theirs.

I am talking about Pinterest, which is taken as neglected source of social media to grab viewer’s attention and huge referral traffic. But yet considered as successful for business.This social site has risen up its popularity by getting 3x the traffic of Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon and Reddit combined according to 2014’s Social media traffic report.




When the top 30 pinners are food, fashion, design and wedding bloggers then there would not be any doubt that Pinterest is used to be about women and can say as it is scrapbooking paradise for women.

DIY Housewarming Gifts:

It is popular for getting huge pins as well as traffics. The productive company has found this product very effective in marketing growth. You can get an idea as this product to get more pin.

Summer is going back and the new season will start soon with a change. Plenty of people are changing their homes and many of friends might think for getting their first apartment. Housewarming gift ideas are always the best option for you to have in your back pocket. This product has top ranked on getting pins this month.

5 Popular Pins which has huge traffic on Pinterest, are discussed in the next sections. See why these are very popular pins and use strategy to promote your product with creativity.

1: Initial Doormat

The decoration of house looks incomplete without attractive doors and doors attraction is by doormats. Now a day people chooses doormats which have designed and attractive paintings. This product has been popular of getting pins and has huge traffic on Pinterest.




2: Pineapple Platter

Pineapple and luscious are two different amazing words. Platters are perfect for brightening up or adding a pop of color to a desk. Pineapple platters are one of the best gifts to give your friend and colleagues. This product has not only attracted viewers but also has ranked on Pinterest to drive traffics this month.




3: Chalkboard Serving Platter

I love cheese and I am sure you all love cheese too, am I right? All can use an extra service platter and chalkboard paint makes this dish eccentric. You can design the platter by your own creative idea. There is no doubt why this product has ranked to get pins and huge traffic.




4: Cleaning Supplies Cake

I know you must be thinking about how this product has been popular but the fact is it is very useful for cleaning and especially when you are moving to a new place. The shape of objects are like real cake and so it named as cleaning supplies cake.




5: String art

It’s my personal view that a wall art on your home wall can make your house amazing. The string art is now in trends and people use to design it on a wooden background which makes it elegant. It is simply the minimal effort and maximum effect.





Pinterest manifests some of the strongest user engagement, virality metrics, and confinement I have ever seen in an online business. This social site has not only provided the facility to pin the photos and attract viewers but also given a chance to many businessmen for driving huge traffics for their product.

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