Pinterest for business!!! Are you thinking about how to use Pinterest for marketing? How can you use Pinterest to market your small business? How to use Pinterest to promote your product? How to market your small business using Pinterest? Many questions arise in our mind. If you have no idea regarding Pinterest then no worries. We are here to help you in the same. In this post, we will give you some ideas regarding Pinterest and some significant marketing strategies. So let’s proceed.

Having a perfect strategic plan for the activities on Pinterest can definitely help you to reach your goal. Before using any social platform for marketing your business. It is important to make a well-planned strategy to put your business at the certain position, right? Well, I must say YES. The strategy is important to start anything. So let’s discuss some strategies for Pinterest marketing.


Best marketing strategies for Pinterest


Best marketing strategies for Pinterest:


#1. Create boards in your title:


Pinterest has the best search capability. Even it allows other people to find you and your business by using keywords. So try to create boards with keywords in your title which can enhance the search capability. Make sure that you have selected the exact and appropriate category for your board so that it will be easier for people who will search for your name and business.


#2. Always try to use heavy description:


Why do we use description? Generally, we use description to spread our idea towards our viewers. So in Pinterest marketing always try to give an appropriate description to spread your ideas in front of your viewers. Again use keywords in our description which can emphasize your description in a better manner.


Always prefer a heavy Description


#3. Always create and use vertical images:


Vertical images can maximize your real estate. Pinterest images should be narrow and long in size. It is because if you are using narrow images, then you can get the maximum amount of visual space. If you will see the pictures on Pinterest then you can find that every image carries a narrow width with long length. Always try to make a picture up to 735 pixels by 1102 pixels.

How to pin an image?

  • Add your Pinterest image to your website or page.
  • Add 100 to 200 words along with the keyword to explain that Pinterest image.
  • Add links to your title, home page and to the picture.
  • Add links to your blog articles.
  • Your images and keywords should be linked as people can tweet directly from Pinterest.


Always create and use vertical images


#4. Share your pins on other social media channels:


Tweet and share those pictures on other social media sites to get more followers and to gather more relevance. Use Pinterest for marketing purpose. Once your pin starts getting interactions your image and as well as the site will start getting more promotions and popularities.


#5.  Always put a pinnable picture in your every post:


Always try to put one or two big images in every post you are going to publish. Always try to create a bigger image of 735 * 1102. Because Pinterest always prefers tall and vertical images. Create a big image, then pin it. After completion of these tasks, share the pin with the blog links.

These are the best marketing strategies for Pinterest marketing. Different software or tools are there which are used to get the result in the best and ultimate way. Many tools are now available in the market. One of the best tools is named as “PinDominator”. PinDominator is the tool which makes the use of Pinterest marketing easier. It helps in many ways. Many users have given good response towards PinDominator. It helps in many ways. Have a look on some of those;


Always put a pinnable picture in your every post


  • PinDominator maximizes your profit in Pinterest marketing.
  • It helps in optimizing Pinterest strategy.
  • PinDominator helps you to join in popular groups easily.
  • You don’t need to put extra efforts to grow your brand on Pinterest as PinDominator automates your efforts in a less time interval.  

So this is all about the Pinterest marketing and strategies. I hope I was clear in my points and could be able to help you somehow in understanding Pinterest marketing nad PinDominator. If you want to get more information regarding PinDominator, then please subscribe to the following site and get more knowledge regarding PinDominator.

Thank you for reading and appreciating my words. 🙂

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