Do you remember, earlier people used to pin notes on the fridge or nailing a scheduled plan on the wall of the kitchen? Those were physical activity, the same we do nowadays but it’s termed as a virtual activity. People pin images in a digitalized virtual way to a social network called “Pinterest”.

Generally, what most of the companies do is creating a Pinterest account, pin their content and repin people’s material. Businesses are capturing the power of resourceful advertisement with Pinterest. By using promoted pins, marketers use to advance their brand’s recognition and driving traffic to their website.




Why Pinterest become Important for Marketers?  

From May 2012, Pinterest traffic has been doubled. Do you know how the traffic has doubled? Well, from the current analysis it has found that 81% pinners are women. If you know this fact then you must be knowing that most of the marketer advertises here deals with household, decor, food and beverages. With this social media, you cannot just drive traffics to your brand but also increases sales by connecting with large audiences.

Here are some of the important points which you must concern with Pinterest marketing.

1: Share things which visually appeal, creative and fun

Being an entrepreneur, you need to first target your potential customers which can increase your traffic. People always changes their perception and businesses need to know what to share to collect pins and likes. The main target to increase sales of the product should be discovering new things, looks for creative ways to share new and interesting things. By this approach, you can easily attract and inspire your customer and another viewer.




2: Treat Pinterest like a Search Engine

If you create any content by approaching with SEO mindset, you are on a way to lead others. We know text plays an important role and Pinterest is a visual platform but it acts also as a virtual search engine. Remember whenever you use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business, keep your targeted customer in your mind. Plan the whole title and description of the pin that will attract that targeted customer.




3: Focus on Audience Engagement

You know what lacks with the popularity of a product and its unsuccess? It’s your audience engagement. By engagement of people, you can interact with those who are commenting, repining and favoring your content. You should add at least 20-25 keywords per promoted pin to enlarge your engagement. Keep updating on your notification and reach out to those who are already in your community.




4: Follow other Pinners

Businesses have their strategy to see how others are using Pinterest. It’s good to observe your brand but by following your non-competitive firm, you can influence them to make a relationship with your business and be a sharing partner. As an example, if you sell jewelry then you can target follow clothe businesses to make a bond of relationship. Hence, follow other pinners to enrich your target with Pinterest marketing.




5: Pin others Images to Grow a Community

Don’t centralize among your own stuff by pinning them but also pin other’s images also and like them. By sharing those images and commenting on them you can grow a community of followers. After all, Pinterest is all about being social by creating and engaging people. By this approach, you can make your brand visibility and illustrate your style and ethos.




Wrapping words

Pinterest marketing is best to improve your growth and boost your success. The above-mentioned points might look easy for you but it can make a world of difference if you follow those. Incorporate these Pinterest marketing approach to increase your marketing approach and traffic to your website. Take help of a growing marketing tool “PinDominator” to manage all the stuff with the Pinterest account. This can manage your account with its different features.

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