Are you conducting business Through Pinterest? Have your ever thought of leveraging it to make stronger connections with your audiences? Eager to know how Pinterest will let you strengthen your ties with your local community?

Incorporating a strong sense of geographic targeting in their Pinterest marketing perspective one can create more business visibility among local audiences.

Thus in this blog, I will be telling you about the usage of Pinterest to gain more local followers and build up strong connections with them.

1st Way: Addition Of Geographical Information To Your Profile

Be sure mention areas that you serve and the location of your business; alongside mentioning about what your business does and whatever you pin. This will help local audiences to search you through Pinterest. As they will be knowing how close you are from their location and accordingly visit you.

Adding Geographical Information To Your Profile

However if your Pinterest business profile seems to miss any of these crucial bit of information, your business will not be getting that amount of exposure you have been looking for. So make sure you edit your profile and add up your geographical location details in your about section. In this way, you will simply make it easier for people to find you and reach out to you.

2nd Way: Optimizing Boards According To Local Searches

Portraying your location in the along with descriptions of your individual pins will make it easier for people to know your location and connect to you. As when they run  a simple search on Google or Pinterest , these pins tend to appear along with your boards and profile. So it seems better to add your town or state name in your boards too.

Optimizing Boards According To Local Shares

However, if you serve many areas, focus on creating individual boards for several locations. As this will facilitate people run searches and reach out to your business. Still thinking how can this tactic be beneficial? Whenever you specify a location to your boards and its descriptions, it allows boards to appear when searched anonymously. So go through your business account and see if you have added your location information in places where it makes sense.

3rd Way: Repin And Engage With Fellow Local Businesses

The Pinterest social platform being more of a search and discovery network offers your business to stand out in the crowd if used tactfully. So use this platform wisely and search for your best suiting customers, business partners. It  may happen that their locations are not always showing, in that case, visit their websites through Pinterest links.

Repin & Engage With Fellow Local Businesses

Start following them on Pinterest, follow their boards and repin them. You may also comment on their pins and it’s pretty much likely that they would do something in return, which may be exposing your pins to their local followers. On doing so you will not only get compatible with fellow businessmen but will also have something new of theirs to pin weekly. And who knows your partnerships unfolds a new business prospect.

4th Way: Focus On Building Themed Resource Boards

Although you don’t want people to consider you providing them with tourist destinations, do create a travel board. In this way, you will be letting people know about the significance of any particular place in your local area. For example, it might be something like 6 Exciting Things To Do In; or a bit closer to your products like Best goods in (location).

Building Theme Resource Boards

On such boards, you can go for pin contests and while creating some boards you can simply search google to get some inspirational stuff from around. Thus try to leverage it to enhance your connections and once people start responding invite them to contribute to your board. In that way, you may also come across local group boards and request for their contributions too.

5th Way: Try To Target Promoted Pins

Promoted pins have been lately available to most of the Pinterest users and there is no harm in leveraging them for your business purposes. As this will assure your content to be viewed by more local people. You might only need local customers but with the use of promoted pins peoples from outside to can visit your business, thereby keep your options open.

Target Promoted Pins

Try to tailor the contents you are about to present in your pins. As with correct choice of keywords your increase your targeting precision. Tend to use those words more frequently that locals use to increase the searching of your pins. Thus optimizing descriptions and targeting your pins will help your business go a long way.

Over To You:

Thus in this blog, you got introduced to ways that will facilitate your to target and reach out to your locals through Pinterest. With the power of such a good search and discovery network in your hands, it will definitely be helping out your business prowess. But in the long run, these tasks may seem to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Thereby leveraging a Pinterest automation tool like PinDominator becomes necessary. With the help of which, you can easily manage and automate your activities.

So if this post seems beneficial to you do come up with your reviews and comments. If you are adopting any other marketing strategies for business on Pinterest? You can also share it here.

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