Are you a Pinterest marketer?

Does your Pinterest usage help you to drive sales?

Would you like to increase your sales?

If yes, then here you’re in the right place, where I am going to discuss certain tips that will help you expand your sales on Pinterest.

Pinterest For Marketing

Pinterest social media if used in the right way can effectively boost up your sales. It has been lately seen that Pinterest has driven more online sales compared to other social media platforms.

Thus with proper usage, Pinterest can help you build up a network, promote your brand to audiences. And thus increase sales so that your business goes booming.

However to effectively learn the ways to drive sales, read the tips given below:

  • Show The Utility Of Your Products:

The simplest way to promote your products on Pinterest is to bring forth the usage of your product in front of the users. So be direct be precise with your images. For an instance, if you are an electrical goods seller pin images suiting your field of business. Similarly, one who owns a boutique will be posting images of trendy dresses and designs.

Show Utility Of Products On Pinterest

Through this your are not only giving people the idea about what you sell but also how good your product is compared to other competitors on the market, thus expanding your reach.

  • Optimizing Of Product Pages:

Your product page must be well optimized, as it will help you directly to drive more traffic to your website and facilitate your product sales. The most efficient way to do this is to simply add buttons. Adding of like, share , pin buttons makes your product page more user-friendly. Thereby making it easier for people to share your web page information just by few clicks.

Optimise Your Product Page On Pinterest

So do make sure that you have added necessary buttons to your product pages. Alongside this it would great if you display the number of shares and follows, as it has been proved people often end up buying stuff shared to many times.

  • Create Product Catalogues:

All popular brands mostly create Pinterest catalogues through boards so that they can promote their brand in a better way. These catalogues are nothing but specification based aligning of products. Thus catalogues can be based on color, style, season, price. In this way, your can easily target your audience.

Product Catalogues On Pinterest

Here is how you should proceed;

  • Firstly choose the theme on which you are willing to build up your catalogue.
  • Create the board with the best suiting name.
  • Start pinning all kinds of relevant images and add rich descriptions to it.
  • You can also add the prices in the description section.
  • Provide A Sneak Peek If Required:

If the product which you are selling is expensive or requires complicated steps to set up? Do not forget to provide a sneak peak into your product setup and usage. On doing so your user will have the basic quick guide to startup and will get benefited. In turn, he/she will be re-pinning it so others too get to see it. This sneak peaks should be pins to tutorial or quick guide usage videos of your product in action.

Provide Sneak Peak On Pinterest

  • Run Contests On Pinterest:

Running contests on Pinterest have proven to be an effective way to boost up product sales. Through this action, you compel your followers or customers to pin your products. For example smartphone companies create and run contests like making the best board and pin products of that company. And as usual, at the end, the one creating the best board wins and is rewarded by that company.

Pinterest Contests

The whole and sole objective of this increase the exposure of your brand and generate more sales.

But all these actions and processes tend to become easier if one uses a genuine Pinterest management software like PinDominator. This is one of the best Pinterest management tool available online that provides the user with all possible features to manage Pinterest for business.


Thereby in this blog, I presented you with 5 ways to boost up your sales on Pinterest. Thereby making you a Pinterest marketing expert. You can also use the PinDominator software to enhance your Pinterest marketing skills.

So if this post seemed to have benefited you do share your reviews through comments. How do you increase your sales using Pinterest? What strategies have you adopted? Share your experiences with us.

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