Pinterest one of the appreciated and focused social media platform which has 150 million monthly users. This platform has proved to be the key to success for the buyer’s journey. It has involved various discoveries and researches which have proved to be beneficial and the result is that it is the 5th most popular social networking site.

As per the information you might have got the idea about its popularity. So who will miss the chance to showcase their business on this platform? I guess no one, right?

So let’s proceed with the post and know one can boost their business growth and money making strategies.

Following are the different ways to make money on Pinterest:


Way 1

Use one tap promoted pins


Long ago users were given the choice to save the pins or go to the source when they were purchasing from Pinterest. But now the users are taken automatically to the Pin’s origin. The increased number of Pinterest users are finding it easy to make their purchase through the one tap promoted pins. One can identify this pin in the right corner.


Use one tap promoted pins


Way 2

Promote your Pins


The core of Pinterest advertising are the promoted pins. There is no difference in the appearance of this pin still companies pays to have noticed this pin by more users. There is the various advantage of promoted pins. You can access:

  • Desired audience
  • Higher reach
  • Top placements
  • More creative ad units

The above-mentioned points are helpful to create engagements, traffic, and awareness which in addition will help you to increase revenue. From a study, it was found that the awareness about the new products increase to 40% through the promoted pins and 50% higher purchase was found.    

If you wish to make money then the audience should be your first and foremost need. You can run a campaign with the promoted pins which will generate traffic for your website. It was found by different advertisers that these campaigns receive 20% more clicks. Many brands have received 50% increase in their purchase rate with the promoted pins as compared to other channels.


Way 3

Drive downloads by Promoting your app


If you are among the one whose revenue come from buying the paid apps then promoted pins will help you a lot to target your desired audience. As per the Pinterest explanation, these pins are the one which is linked directly to the store from where you can download the app and use it.

Drive downloads by Promoting your app

The promoted app pins allow the users to tap on the regular app pins and install the iOS apps without existing Pinterest. As 75% of traffic is grabbed from the mobile users so Pinterest wants that all types of apps should be made easier to find for the Pinterest users.


Way 4

Use Promoted videos to showcase your products


We cannot deny the fact that Pinterest videos have the strength to make conversation. As per 67% Pinterest users, videos inspire them to react. The promoted video pins prevent the click away. As once the user watches the promoted video they are given the option for selection which is related to their views. They are suggested related ideas like which page they should visit, which boards to follow etc. Further, Pinterest provides tips like:

  • Give priority to the quality over length.
  • Use that video which is performing well like- “how to” or “storytelling”.
  • Try to make best out of actions than views.



Way 5

Concentrate on showing your products to your customers


Search marketing allows different brands to get engaged with customers. Over 2 billion searches are made per month on Pinterest. So why not to take advantage of the same and make your brand search easy.


Concentrate on showing your products to your customers


Over to you


Pinterest offers various ways to generate leads and sales for your business. Hope this blog post was successful in explaining you ways to use Pinterest strategies for making money.

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