Have you noticed about the new changes on your Pinterest account? Descriptions? Or pins that eventually got 1,000s of repins?

Pinterest is just updating lots of new changes every day. This year, Pinterest has rolled many updates including changes to its algorithm and many of the services and policy. If you are using Pinterest for gaining benefits and getting traffic on your website, then before using this social site as a marketing channel for your business you should need to know about the Pinterest new changes to enhance your marketing skill. Here are some basic tips to let you know about pinning images on Pinterest.


#1: Creating an Affiliate Strategy

The one of the shocking new Pinterest gave this year by announcing Pinterest will again permit the users to share affiliate links on the platform. Therefore if you are a writer or an influencer, you can use this social media Pinterest as a way to increment in your affiliate income. And now you can those links directly to the Pinterest rather posting links to the website or any landing page that includes your affiliate links.


#2: Get Connected with Pinterest Influencers

If you owe a small business and that wants to maximize sales through an online program, then believe me this new change will offer you a great opportunity. You can easily connect with those influencers who are popular on the social site Pinterest with your target audience.

The truth is, by sharing affiliate links directly on the platform can make the affiliate program of yours much attractive.

#3: Never Rely on Repin Counts

It happens that some apps contain repin count of each pin in a different way. So, if you have noticed huge engagement on your pins, it’s not because your posts have gone viral but it’s because of Pinterest changed updates that repin counts would now display the overall engagement. Hence, you can’t use those counted repins under each pin as a source of engagement.


#4: Utilize Analytics

Now use the analytics on Pinterest and if you are using your Pinterest Business account then you can easily view the analytics about which of the pins are performing well and which of the pins are getting lower engagement. By knowing the information about pins performing poor, you can delete those pins and get some new idea how to make your strategy much better on Pinterest

#5: Remember to Promote Popular Pins

Like other social media, Pinterest has also changed some of the algorithms to gain much popularity and profit as well. This change has made Pinterest paying much to promote some posts with most priority. If your pins are getting huge engagement, you can boost your strategy and maximize your reach.


#6: Optimization of Boards for Search Engines

The more your post would be visible on the search engine, the more it would gain traffic. Now the changed algorithms have made some update as change the name and description of your board as to add some relevant descriptive keywords. The pin’s caption should also include those relevant keywords. This would lead you gaining much visibility on search engine.

Wrapping words

The latest Pinterest 2016 changes would really be impactful for your Pinterest business account. Pinterest can be an incredibly useful tool but you just need to be updated with the features and changes, the more you would get updates the more you will get reach of audiences.

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