Are you interested to start your business with Pinterest? Don’t have an idea how to start Pinterest Marketing? Don’t worry in this blog I will guide you with very easy and quick marketing tips to boost Pin marketing. The main thing on which marketers should emphasize while Pinterest Marketing to enhance their pins visibility.

Unless and until a marketer doesn’t prepare a strategy to increase Pinterest account’s visibility, it will be very tough for them to promote their product. So, let’s see those tips are after implementing them a Pinterest marketer can enhance their account visibility.

1. Include Price Tags:

Include Price Tags

Pinterest is not just a platform to promote marketers product, rather it’s a stage where people can buy or sell a product. So, while pinning product marketer should add a price tag as it has more capability to drag traffic in comparison to general pins. Pinterest activities have more chances to drag traffic for marketer’s official page, promote your product and raise profit graph.

2.Pin all the Images:

Whatever images a marketer is using for product promotion, pin them all on different boards. The images which are used in blogs, or website or even in Pinterest pin them all on separate boards. This is the best approach to enhance the visibility of Pinterest account as well as drive traffic for a web page.

3.Show Pins to Newsletter Readers:

While sending a newsletter to subscribers don’t forget to give the screenshot of Pinterest Pins. So, when a reader clicks on the image they will re-directed to marketer’s Pin-board. In this way, marketer can drive traffic very smartly with Pinterest marketing. Similarly, a marketer can add many call-to-action buttons like, buy, follow and much more to target audiences

4. Join Popular Group Boards:

Join Popular Group Boards


Like, in Facebook or Instagram, marketers socialize in groups in the same way in Pinterest marketer can do it by joining various boards. A particular board is meant for a particular business so, as per a marketer’s product they can join different boards and promote their pins. A marketer can even create their own boards and ask other Pinterest users to join your board.

5.Promote Your Presence:

Whenever a marketer is using any social networking then it is very important to strengthen their social presence. Same thing marketer should do with Pinterest, they should try everything to strengthen their presence. To keep their account engaging they should pin or re-pin in various boards on others activities.

6.Drive Traffic With Blog Boards:

Drive Traffic With Blog Boards

A marketer can use Pinterest marketing in the best way to promote their blogs. Whatever images will be used in blogs do add them in boards because in this way one can easily drive traffic to their blogs. Using this feature, a marketer can indirectly promote their content and hence promote marketers product by enhancing Pinterest accounts visibility.

7.Add Description to your Pin:

The most important thing which marketers miss out while pinning is they never add a pin description to their pins. Whenever a marketer adds a pin description, it will give a brief idea about marketer’s product which might convince audiences to buy that product.


Final Words:

Pinterest marketing has enormous opportunities to promote marketers product, but somehow marketers only lack in doing that. That’s why in this blog I tried to give some simple and applicable marketing tips applying which marketers can enhance their page visibility. Even if marketers find difficulty in implementing all these tips they can automate their account with PinDominator, which is the best Pinterest marketing software.  To know more about Pinterest marketing don’t forget to follow our blogs.

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