Pinterest has always been the best way to promote products and increasing sales through innovative pins.

Recently, Pinterest has provided different new ways to make shopping easier for users. It will definitely catch eyes of those users which are fascinating for dresses or pair of shoes. It is the victory for those retailer businesses which are looking forward to building an online presence.


Previously, Pinterest has first launched its paid advertising service Promoted Pins, which was only available to large businesses. But now Pinterest has released a new product that allows small businesses to promote their pins.

Here, are the supported points through which you can allow Pinterest work for your Retail Business.

1: Product Pins

On Pinterest, you can make multiple kinds of pins (posts). You just need to select a pin to make it as a product pin. And then you can make things purchasable by users through different pins. These pins will specifically show the user where to locate the product, how much it costs and the process to add it to their shopping bags on Pinterest. These product pin uses real-time price updating so that whenever the price of any product changes, it will alert the user of the new price.


Retailers such as FlyAway BlueJay had great success from being able to sell directly off on Pinterest.

2: The Visual Search Tool

This tool is new to Pinterest. This tool can make easier the work of that user who wants to have any item but feels dicey about purchasing those products. With this particular feature, users can point their camera at an object they are interested in purchasing and then Pinterest will show them where they can buy that item or any similar to that or not.


3: Promoted Pins

I appreciate the mind behind promoting a product through Pinterest. It is rather a smart outlet for any business. You can easily set your maximum cost per engagement and maximum cost per click and then Pinterest will create an estimate of what you will be paying for promoting a pin on their website. Users are also much interested in purchasing an item from a promoted product pin than other forms of online advertising.


4: Targeting

Now it’s easier to take your promoted pin to the next level with user targeting. By being able to target a specific audience on Pinterest, you can assure that your generated pins are being seen by the audience. So, keep remember to target an audience for increasing the number of re-pins. Classify that targeted audience by gender, age, location etc.

When you will be done with promoting and targeting specific pins, Pinterest will then record insights from what has been promoted and posted.


If you are thinking about generating sale leads of your business, then Pinterest is the best platform to take your business next level. It has been seen that this social site worked amazingly for retail business. If you have still not created your business presence on Pinterest, start doing it now.

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