For marketing on Pinterest, it provides you a business account to get the better experience of doing business on Pinterest.

On Pinterest when you will create your account it gives you the option to choose between personal accounts or business accounts.

If you are going to use Pinterest for business purpose, you must go for the business account. Because it has different terms and conditions from personal accounts.

Login Page for Business Account on Pinterest

And according to the Pinterest protocol if business activities are performed through normal accounts your account will be deactivated by Pinterest.

In this article, I will let you know what are the benefits of using the business account for business on Pinterest.

Customized your Name

Using personal accounts you have some limitation in placing your name on Pinterest. But Business accounts have no limit in placing name. you can write your name as long as you want. It allow you to add the business with your name if you account is solo premiere . Or you can add your business name only.

With your name having your business name helps users to find you easily while keywords search.
But don’t use keywords stuffing .It is because when users will get notification from you in their feed they well get the long name which looks annoying.

Receive Notifications

Having the business account on Pinterest will help you to receive the newsletter about the new features launched by Pinterest and how they help your business to get more traffic. For eg- features like promotion pins and using of videos for the promotion of ads on Pinterest.

Pinterest will provide different case studies about the business person telling how they get success in their business using Pinterest platforms?. This case will guide you to make the strong marketing strategy for your business on Pinterest.

Get Analytics

Personal accounts don’t provide any analytics support. But business accounts will help you to gain data about the pins and board which gives you maximum traffic to your websites. Which is very important to make further steps of business on Pinterest.

Get Analytics for Your Business Account On pinterest

Rich Pins

Rich pins are the super pins which help you to provide additional information about the image which you are pinning. Right now there are six type of rich pins- app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. whatever the information your mention with your image will be directly pulled out from the company websites. They are automatically updated with your website’s information.

Rich Pins Features for Business Account On Pinterest

Do not Track

Pinterest provides their user’s option of deciding whether or not they want to be tracked online. It helps your account to keep hidden from the 3rd party. suppose you are visiting the profile of a business person whose business is same as yours on Pinterest.

Data such as How much time you spent, data you crawl can’t be dedicated to them. Because this features will disable your works cookies.

Over to You

Some business persons having the business profile on Pinterest. But people who are using Pinterest for their business and not having the business profile. Can easily convert their personal profile to business profile.

Pinterest helps you to frame your business in a creative manner. So that you can gain more followers for your business. Using this business profile for marketing on Pinterest will lift your business to the next level.

Lets us know your view about the business profile for marketing on Pinterest. Place your comment in the below-given comment box.

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