A startup business needs to start everything from zero. They don’t have any loyal customers, or followers. There must be a perfect launchpad for marketing your product/service, right?

Undoubtedly, Social Media is the place where you can kickstart your startup.

As an active social media user, you might have a good number of friends on facebook, followers on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. But you see, you have to go as a business on social media for marketing. You have to start as a zero…

But if you act smartly, you can get followers rapidly. First, start with one of the giant social networks, Pinterest where you can pin images. There are some strategies and tips to follow. These had already been discussed on our previous articles. Here, let’s go some deeper.

Strategy 1: Targeting

Remember two things:

One, be it’s a local vendor or a global tech business, the fact is same that not all the 176 million people on Pinterest are your would-be customers. People of specific age group, from some specific locations, with specific interests only are your targets.

Two, they don’t find you themselves. You have to find them and spread awareness of your business among them.

Finding Your Targets

Unless you are up with a new niche of business with a unique service/product, determining targets is so easy.

There must be some businesses same like yours or something related to your niche. They might have started their ad campaigns and had some follower base. They are your targets.

For example, if yours is an ecommerce business functioning locally. There might be some other e-commerce portals in your locality. Or popular businesses like Amazon and Flipkart are already there. Check the follower list of the groups or pages and identify the people who can be your customers.

This is the first thing you need to do in your social media marketing.

Acting Smart

But you can see the fact that this is not so simple, right?

So take the help of Scraping Technology. Your targets exist as followers of your competitors’ page, participants of a business (of your niche) event, or friends of influencers.

On Pindominator, we have scraper features like User Scraper that help you fetching whatever the user data on Pinterest.

userscraper on pinterest

Using this feature, you can either scrape the followers list of a particular user or the people you ought to follow. While using the tool, you can give the keywords that are related to your business using which the scraper can fetch the data of your targets. The fetched data will be saved in a personal database in an XML/CSV format.

Strategy 2: Follow and Get  Followed

As we said earlier, no one is going to recognize your business and follow you unless you take the initiation.

So, follow all your targeted audience. When you follow them, they would follow you back out of courtesy in social media. Then you can impress them with your content strategies. However, this is a secondary thing.

The more you follow, the more followers you can get.

Found your targets in tons?

Don’t worry. Automation can be the best solution for this problem.

Pindominator has some excellent automation features onboarded for you. All you need to do is, entering the keyword and any other specifications, setting up the time delay and proxies. That’s all! Just sit back and let the dominator do everything for you.

Follow Module

This module contains all the features like Follow by Username, Follow by Keyword and Unfollow.

follow module on pindominator

When selected each of the option, you can give the required inputs like keywords or usernames. So that, you can bulk number of people with just a click.

Like other social networks, Pinterest also needs an Unfollower tool. And this one is included too. So what are you thinking of?

Like Module

The next action needed is liking others posts. So that your accounts would be active and interactive. Here also, just keywords or hashtags are enough to complete the action.

like module on pindominator

Strategy 3: Attract with Content

In the above strategy, we told you to post attractive content. Yes, content is king. You have to post content on your wall as well as other groups. But you are following too many groups. So, here you should go with the Facedominator’s autoposter features.

Pin Module

Here the content is your Pins. You can pin images from your website or you can post independent images on your page. In a way, Pinterest is really a traffic generator for website. All you needed is informative images.

Especially, Infographics make most of Pinterest. So, make quality research and create attractive infographics and pin them on your board.

Pin Module of Pindominator contains the features like Repin, Add New Pin, Add Pin with New Board, Edit Pin Description and Repin by Keyword. As per your strategy, you can feed the inputs and use the features.

pin module on pindominator

Strategy 4: Buy Followers

So far, we have seen the ways you can get followers in an organic manner. Still you need more followers, think like a businessman. You can use this paid strategy.

Yes, there are some service providers like Social Signifier who can offer you followers for a price. And point to be noted, the accounts are genuine, active and old.

The accounts have huge friend and follower bases. Most of their friends and followers are the people who are likely to be your customers. So, your business page can reach all of them and thus you can get more followers.


This is a kind of systematic process of getting followers for your startup business. Even you don’t have any followers, you can increase your followers in no time with the abovementioned strategies.

The first strategy is mandatory for you. The second and third are the organic ways of getting followers. And the last one is a paid one. However, it will give the results worth of your investment.

Remember, you don’t have time to make everything manually. In digital marketing, automation is necessary. So, go with Pindominator which has all the ultimate features and securities for automation.

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