If you want to promote your business in Pinterest by Marketing your brand, you need to consider some following dos and don’ts which is very important in the long run for every startup owner. Most of the startup owners have succeeded in using these dos and don’ts because of which, their page got a lot of likes in pinterest. Most of these businesses can target a particular set of users along with their content which is present in the page. Most of the developers have even created a Pinterest Marketing Software as well.

Here are the list of dos and don’ts which needs to be followed while marketing in Pinterest:

The Dos

  1. Keep monitoring about your activities and optimize your campaigns:

    Most people in Pinterest are attracted because of the pictures you post on your page. To make sure that your page is attracting the crowd you need to post a lot of high quality pictures in your profile. With the help of this tactic you can able to gain more followers by posting stuff related to your content.

  2. Include calls to action in the description:

    It is really not necessary but that doesn’t mean that you should not keep one in your page. Adding CTAs gives a boost to you by making sure that customers are frequenting your profile and you can also request them for a feedback as well if they are satisfied with your product.

  3. Include relevant keywords in your targeting options:

    Pinterest allows the user to add 150 keywords in your page, but there are some people who misuse that opportunity by adding the same keyword multiple times which will result in your page being blacklisted. So make sure that you don’t repeat the same keywords simultaneously.

  4. Use Demographic targeting:

    This method is very helpful in attracting a lot of customers. You can even show the statistics of many customers who have come to your page, so that it may attract a lot of customers.

  5. Continue to bid aggressively:

    This can help you in getting maximum number of links and based on your performance it also keeps in mind that it reaches a certain level which can lead you to attain a lot of popularity.

The Don’ts

  1. Direct to a lead generation landing page:

    You should make sure that you are giving the proper link page which can be useful in getting large amount of leads. For this you shouldn’t connect your pinterest page to the lead generation, instead link it with that site which connects to your related content.

  2. Including Redirects:

    The worst idea in marketing your product, this will bring a lot of dislikes which can be two steps closer to your startup going down the drain.

  3. Using hashtags:

    This can ruin your communication with most of your customers, because of it, the customers can never understand what you are communicating, which will bring down the effectiveness of your page as well.



These dos and don’ts can be very helpful for all the rookie startup owners. Please check out our pindominator software which can be helpful in upgrading your business, this software is available in our dominator house site. For more such blogs, please subscribe to our site for more updates. See ya!!

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