Are you thinking Facebook and Instagram are the only online medium through which you can set your goals for the online marketing. Then, it is a time to rethink about it because there is another such platform called Pinterest which can act as a magical spell to drive sales and achieve your business goals online.


Especially, when it comes to drive sales for the businesses that focuses on high visual advertisement like the interior designers, clothing companies, etc, it can act as a game changer for that. This is all due to the fact that Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than the Facebook posts and also the life of the pins is 1,6000 times longer than that of the Facebook posts. Below is the statistics proving the significance of Pinterest in ecommerce.

Let’s See how it Works

  • Including Price Tags – See, the users are not only there to use the Pinterest, they are ready to buy the products. So, it is all up to you that how to present it to attract them in the best possible ways. And mentioning the price will boost up the sales by letting the users know that what they have to pay to use the product.
  • Share geographical condition – Place Pins are there which are interactive pins placed on the map.
  • Promote your presence – Sometimes it is seen that even after having the great profile, they do not get the attention of the users they had expected. So, you have to choose some interesting ways like posting the current trends or holiday to promote you brand.


But it is quite important to target your potential customer and to get engaged with them on a regular basis. And many of the businesses lack in it that’s why they do not get fully benefited with this. But with 100 million monthly active users you must be sure that your potential customer must be there. All you need is to engage them in most possible ways. And here comes the concept of marketing tools like PinDominator.

How Pindominator Helps to Drive Sales

You have to be very precise while targeting your potential customer. And also to have to share your images to grab more attention than before.

Let’s get deep into it.

Pindominator is loaded with the different modules that will let your business to have the success that it deserves.

Account Checker Module : – This will help you to isolate the working and non-working accounts that you have uploaded on it.

Repin Module :- It will enable you to randomly repin via keywords from single or multiple users with an ease.

Like and Comment Module :- It will let you to like or dislike the pin and post comments automatically. Also you can like pins effortlessly by uploading Pin URLs and can get like by numbers.
Follow/unfollow Module :- You can follow multiple users by their username and also can unfollow the inactive and unresponsive users.

User Scraper Module : – This is the best you will get by which you can easily determine a specific Pinterest username and can scrape all their followers and following easily.  


So, all these qualities of the Pindominator makes it the best bet to drive sales on Pinterest. I guess, you have got an idea to use Pinterest. It is the best possible ways to have the upper hand in the business field.

I would like if you share your views and suggestions regarding the post.

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