In this challenging world, we have to be conscious regarding each and every step we take. The way we face the world should have the glance of confidence. Pinterest is proven to be the place where everyone can gain traffic. This blog post is written with the vision to show you the way how you can increase your blog’s traffic with Pinterest.

Pinterest is not only the way to share your cooking ideas or the wedding pictures but also to drive traffic to your blogs.

So how can you do the same? Here you go.

Create your Pinterest Profile

Create your Pinterest Profile

If you are having your Pinterest Account then it’s far better but if not then I would suggest you to have one. Link your blog to your Pinterest Profile. Also, write a little info about yourself and mention your blog in the about section. It will prove to be the gateway to make connections with the new readers and thus you are able to gain traffic for your blogs. This activity will give the option to other pinners to follow your blog.


Steps to follow to link your blog.


Step 1

Login to your Pinterest Account.


Step 2

Click on settings.


Step 3

Search for the option which says about and website. Write your information and website URL .


Step 4

Click on save when done.


Step 5

You can find the globe beneath your profile picture. This icon should link your site.  


Pinterest works for blogger

Pinterest works for blogger

Pinterest is an awesome tool which a blogger can use. The users who had used the same, are shocked about the traffic which they are gaining from Pinterest. People are able to pin the images from your site, which will link back to  your site. And when people are seeing the images with the small title they like it, click on it and then they are able to read your information.

No matter whether you are posting 5 times a week or not. Once you had linked your blog to your Pinterest profile, you are able to grab traffic. You will be thankful to Pinterest, as people will still visit your blog, leave comments and become your followers even when you are not posting.     


Garb Traffic: Create Pinnable Text Images

You can use Photoshop Elements to create pinnable images.  Below is the example to show how to create a pinnable image.


So what are the best practices for Pinnable Images?

The pinned image should be –

  • It should be vertically oriented.
  • Should have aspect ratio 2:3 or 1:3:5.
  • Should be at least 600 pixels wide and 736 pixels is optimal.
  • Should have overlaid text on the image.
  • Should be rich with descriptive alt text.


Over to you

Hope, this blog will be helpful in gaining traffic to your blog. This blog has points which can lead you the desired result which you wish to gain.

Follow the blog and feel the difference in your traffic counts.

Share your views on this blog via a comment in the below comment box. I suggest you be connected with blogs on PinDominator for such latest updates.




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