Are you looking for simple though effective ways to intensify your visibility in Pinterest? Worried about how to boost up your content? Well, if these issues are making you crazy then I must say you are searching the right place. The DominatorHouse is present here to make your efforts effective by providing you the best automation tool.

This automation tool will be a boon for your efforts. But before we introduce you the same let’s check out four ways to enhance your Pinterest pins and boards.

#1 Provide alt text to Improve the visibility

On every web page, you must have noticed the visible text on images when you put your cursor on that image. Technically it is called as the alternative text. Many websites don’t provide the same but practically providing the same is advantageous for the social marketing.  

Provide alt text to Improve the visibility

Whenever you pin any image from the website this alt text becomes the pin’s description. This alt text assures you that the image is having a good description and help you to get traffic on your site whenever it is clicked.

Mention the alt text from your website image

The alt text appears in your website’s HTML code. It is written as alt=”YOUR IMAGE DESCRIPTION”. You can also modify your HTML code if required can edit the code. Also, mention the title of the image which is written as title=”YOUR IMAGE DESCRIPTION” and you are done. Have a look at this example.

Mention the alt text from your website image

You can also modify the image width and height if required.

#2 Make use of Boards to enhance your engagements

Pinterest provides you the option to follow either the chosen boards or the whole feeds. Usually, the Pinterest page has single or multiple boards. You might have some boards which has more followers than other boards and you can for sure increase your engagement by making that popular board(s) as the focus point.

With no doubt, the boards which are followed the most has the capability to attract more people to follow it.

The trick for getting more followers is that you need to place the most popular board of yours in the top row of the page so that people are able to see them and this can encourage them to follow you. Try to provide the most attractive cover page which is eye-catchy to attract more and more views.

Try to pin more images to your popular board. Now if you wish to create single or multiple boards with a single click then can do that. Wondering how? Here comes the contribution of the automation tool. With the help of automation tool, you can create multiple or single board(s).

Let’s check out the feature.

Create single board

Create single board

This module helps you to create new boards with the help of single or multiple accounts. It also provides you the flexibility to create boards with a unique or same name. For this select the first option. Then mention the number of boards created for each account per day. Then mention the delay and threads and finally click on start now.

Or select the second option to create multiple boards.

#3 Make use of crowdsourcing images

To make you aware, crowdsourcing is one of the great ways to grab the traffic. As you are allowed to share free content and potentially can increase your sales.

Let’s check out an example of the same: the luxury brand Coach asked his clients on Twitter and Instagram to take a picture with their shoes and share the same with the hashtag #coachfromabove. And doing this will give them a chance to be featured in an exhibition on the coach website.

Have a look at the below image.

Make use of crowdsourcing images

Thus the user generated content are making a great advantage. People love to share their pictures on Instagram but Pinterest gets more sales as well as profits.

#4 Add new pins

Now you can add new pins with a single click. Wondering how? This can be easily done with the help of software automation tool. Check out here.

Add new pins

This module helps you to add your pictures to pin. You can also choose the option to add the website in your pins and can mention users in your pins. Then mention the number of activities to be done from each of your accounts per day. When done set the threads and delay and click on start now.

The automation tool of which I’m mentioning here is called as PINDOMINATOR.



This tool will for sure help you to meet all your requirements.

Over to you

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you how to escalate your Pinterest engagement and visibility to earn.

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