When we talk about social media the very first thing which strikes everyone’s mind is videos, nowadays. Videos are becoming a popular asset to every online business. We can find the craze in the rise of videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Pinterest is slowly developing its video offerings and is growing with the great concern for the Pinterest marketers.

It was found that on Pinterest 75% of the pinners love to see the video content which are of their interests as compared to the other sites. The next thing which comes into the act is that what kind of videos will work better on Pinterest? Well, to get the answer for the same a study was conducted where a campaign for 29 promoted video was held just to examine which elements are performing well for the marketers. So that they can have some strategy on the Pinterest videos.

Now let’s see what they found.

Video Formats

They got to know that two types of video content are performing well through Pinterest storytelling. As per Pinterest: “any ‘storytelling’ videos bring brands to life and the videos which have ‘how-to’ information, which provides instructions and guidance.” These are the two types of videos content which work better regardless of brand’s category. This assures that brand should focus on the video content strategy to achieve their marketing goals.

As we all know that Pinterest is popular for its food content and fashion. Here how-to videos make a great sense. No matter whether you are providing a tutorial video for some recipes or make-up videos. It will receive people’s attention. Storytelling is performed in all types of video format. Sometimes, it becomes uncertain to explain but try to explain every key element in detail in your project.

Pinterest Story


Pinterest explains that storytelling is the concept which is based on videos which focus on the stories and that focus on the key brand attributes, launch the latest offering or share any product or business related news. If we talk about the asset then repurposed television commercials play the vital role to present, emotional story.

For example, Pinterest has shared a video from Hunter which was used to launch the ‘collection of colorful gears and rain boots’. Have a look.

You can find that the video totally concentrates on the commercial view by playing a particular story from their brand. You can consider the above example as one of the best ways to explain how a Pinterest videos has a unique appearance in the feeds. One can find the moving video as they scroll down.

With no doubt, storytelling is one of the best ways to find the key element of your product and amplify the same with your own creative elements.

Pinterest has reported that in the promoted video campaign the Hunter’s Pinterest product has received a 30% rise in the traffic.



As we all know that the fashion world and the food content has a great demand for the how-to videos. So it shouldn’t surprise you that it has a great performance. Like the storytelling videos, how-to videos resist in various platforms. But to make sense it should resonate with the Pinterest users in particular. As Pinterest’s main focus is based on discovering more than entertaining.

To have a good demonstration look below.

Now the next thing which you should consider is about the best practices which one should follow. So let’s discuss the same.

Best Practices


  • Opt for quality over length- Pinterest found that the completion rate of any video is never correlated with the length of the video. Until and unless it is relevant for the users to view. So put more emphasis on the quality of your video than the length.
  • Prefer actions overviews-  The promoted videos are connected with different groups. So the brands should prefer making connections whenever receive any action.
  • Reach people- It was noted that 67% pinners state that they are inspired by the videos to take any action. Capitalize your brand for re-targeting your users.

Over to you

In my above content, I have presented you some of the best tips which you should consider while promoting your Pinterest videos. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

Share your views on this blog post and do mention your views via a comment.

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