Last year Pinterest took a decision against affiliate marketers by banning affiliate links which made pinners powerless as they lost chance to amplify marketing efforts. Thank god, it didn’t lasted for a long and in this year Pinterest reintroduced affiliate links.

When it comes to affiliate marketing of course marketers can make money from online and this is the major advantage a marketer can have. But, how Pinterest will help in it? Actually, it’s not that easy to make money as everyone think so while you planning out for affiliate marketing in Pinterest you need to follow some tips.

Follow this crucial tips to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing:

1.Optimize Boards to Showcase Products


Optimize Boards to Showcase Products


Make sure that boards of your Pinterest profile must have a professional look for your business so that while adding pins with affiliate links will be effective. This also assures that Pinterest users will identify you and your pins as marketing products without reading the descriptions. And one more important thing is give the title to boards with effective keywords as it will make your pins get more visible with those keywords search.

2.Add Affiliate Product Pins to Your Boards

Select the products which you want to share with Pinterest users as per that make a board for it and pin those products into that. After you pin product in board, edit and replace the link with website affiliate link so that whenever a user clicks on your pin it will be your commission. After all affiliate marketers are rated on clicks per pin so don’t miss this step to make money.

3.    Give valuable and useful Description


 Give valuable and useful Description


As in Pinterest marketing only graphic information matters still, give a small and informative description to your product pins which will at least give a brief idea about your product. Adding a small description with relevant detail will not only influence users but it will also improve your pin visibility while searched by customers.  

4.Don’t hide, provide disclosure

One of the important fact while marketing in social media is, marketer should be honest to their audiences so while promoting affiliate marketing links with content they should not hide it. Let them know who you are and what’s your objective of writing contents, in this way you can gain trust of audiences as well as make quick profit.

5.Increase Exposure for Affiliate Link Pins and Boards


Increase Exposure for Affiliate Link Pins and Boards


After adding all the affiliate links properly to pins, your next move should be to increase its exposure. There are many tricks with which you can improve your pin and board exposure, it’s quite important for marketers do this as this will help your pins get more visibility as well as this will get more traffic for the link.

Wrapping Words:  

As affiliate marketing is a best way to make money through any social media just by using your users, getting engagement and targeting them so most of the marketer are willing to use Pinterest for that. As Pinterest has got most gained millions of active users in just couple of years so, marketers think this is the best stage to get customers.

But for that also marketers need to put some effort to boost up their Pinterest account to have followers, pins, re-pins and so on, then only they can manage to target users and have customers. If you are unable to manage your Pinterest account manually then you can automate it with Pindominator. To know more about Pin marketing follow our latest blogs.

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