You must be surprised to know that 69% of online users who visit Pinterest hope to purchase the product. It is advisable to make Pinterest as a part of your business. Pinterest provides you with an excellent opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness. The best part of Pinterest is that it has proven to be more economical for  many companies.

Through Pinterest, you will get connected with the people through their common passion not who you know. This helps the users to see the content what they like and it helps to lead a purchase breakthrough.

Not only making accounts will provide your customers on Pinterest you need to make a proper Pinterest marketing strategy with the help of Pinterest marketing tool which is known as PinDominator:

1] Manage Your Accounts:

PinDominator is an efficient tool having excellent features. One such feature is to manage your account. It assists you to manage your single as well as multiple accounts with a single click. You will get the details which of your accounts are active and inactive.

2] Board Module:

With board module, you could be able to manage your Pinterest board automatically. It has three sections Board, Add Board and Add Users to Board. You can repin photos from a specific board just by uploading the board URL and photos and then schedule it. You can create new boards that too from the single or multiple accounts as your choice. Afterward, you can add users to the board by uploading their email addresses without much of your effort.

3] Comment On Photos:

You can easily comment on any random photos through single or multiple users. You can also comment by keywords and provide the number of comment counts. It this way you can schedule your photos.

4] Follow Users:

As you must have realized that as a number of followers you have means you can spread your business more. With this feature, you can follow users and their followers by providing username and keyword. In a similar way, you can unfollow them too by uploading the name or unfollow users or by unfollowing users who don’t follow you within your required number of days.

5] Like Pins:

You can like pins just by providing like types (randomly like the pin or like the list of pins) and providing pin number. You can also like by only giving keywords or else you can like the recent pins through auto like pins feature.

6] Scrape Users:

Scrape users and its followers just by uploading username. In this way, you can track the activities of important people. If the people whom you are following will follow you back then he will get all the updates that you are going to do.

7] Campaign Module:

You can easily create a Pinterest campaign to leverage your business and spread awareness about your business. This Pinterest automation software will help you to schedule multiple campaigns to follow and comment simultaneously.

Therefore, PinDominator is an advanced and well-developed automation tools that will help to make your business goal complete and provide you success in Pinterest marketing platform.

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