Don’t you hear the word Pin nowadays everywhere? But what does this word means and why everyone is humming this word?

This word came from a new and high-powered website known as Pinterest. We all are pretty much aware of, within a couple year Pinterest has spread its popularity just like wild-fire. A very clear cut reason of this Pinterest is one of the rarest sites which supports virtual and visual board.

More than 70 million users are there on Pinterest, and since its latest social site so maximum users are found to be active. Majorly, it’s seen users sharing, creating and giving quotes to the images. Pinterest popularity has already overtaken Instagram popularity rate and considering this factor marketers are focusing more on the Pinterest account.

Since it’s a new social site, marketers are not getting any new lead how they can use in marketing strategy. Unlike, any other social site a marketer can plan up a strategy to get more likes, follow and comments. But, before that marketer has to pin the posts regularly.


Do you think there is some other alternative to promote your product without pinning? Guessing the answer a big No. Unless and until, a marketer pins in Pinterest how can they expect to raise the number of likes, share, comments and gain followers? Without followers whom are you going to target? Imagine, how your Pinterest account looks without followers and their engagements?


Don’t get worried, we are quite alert that marketers don’t have much time to create and pin posts regularly. We also know since it’s a latest social site marketers are bit nervous to go for marketing.

To solve all this headache, we have all in one solution tool i.e., Pindominator tool. Though this tool is capable of managing multiple Pinterest account in an automated way, schedule your pins, invite followers and even scrape the details of followers. But, among all this scheduling the pins is the extensive required feature of Pindominator.

Using Pin feature of Pindominator, one can repin, schedule the pin, edit pin and also add a new pin to the board. Now, we will make you understand how only Pindominator tool can manage all the tasks simultaneously without making a single error and ensuring the best outcome from it.

# Repin:

By enabling this feature of Pindominator, a marketer can easily repin any random followers pin and even to the loaded list of pins. All this pining process is done in an automated way and ultimately it will help the marketers to accelerate the rate of engagements of their own pin.


Screen shot of Repin using Pindominator


1. Select Repin option from Pin.

2. Next, in user input, you can choose to repin type either select a random user to repin or use a pin number. In this box, you can set your repin message.

3. In setting box, one can schedule the repin interval time. Means after a particular repin when the next repin should be sent.

4. To complete this process, in submit action one can choose start option or else can cancel this action by selecting stop.


# Edit the Pin Description:


One can rectify the description of the set pin. Using this you can rectify the single description or even multiple descriptions just in solo click in random pins.

screen shot of Editing Discription by Pindominator

1. From Pin, option select the Edit Pin Description for editing.

2. Next, in user input dialog box, you can choose where you want to edit single users or multiple user pins. Give the description which you want to edit and select the number of pages to be edited.

3. In a setting box, schedule the editing process to be done.

4. Finally, in submitting action you can start the process to edit your repin or select stop to cancel the editing process.

Final Words:

Since Pinterest is a very new social site to marketers to promote products so, for a safer side they should use Pindominator tools to ease the process, avoid silly errors while targeting and ultimately stack up profits. Because at the rate of which Pinterest users population is growing marketers can’t risk their strategy by ignoring Pinterest.


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