Name a person who does not have the desire to get pins? Probably it would be a tough question for you to answer. But if I will ask who gives you much like then many of you will answer ‘friends’. It really does not matter what makes your friend forced to like your posts and pictures.

If you love pinning then you might want to consider inviting someone to pin with you. Whether you are planning a trip or planning to throw a dinner party with your friends, Pinterest would always provide you easy ways as this is also known as a collaborative tool. By inviting your friends and colleagues through Pinterest, you could easily gain likes on your Pinterest page.




Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Sometimes a pin is just too good to keep it with yourself. Hence, whenever you wish to repin to your friends then simply forward it. A great way to give importance to your friends is mentioning their name in a pin. When your friends would notice your fun with Pinterest, they might want in on the action.

By inviting your friends you can easily get many likes and with the help of Pinterest Marketing software, you can invite pinners to your Pinterest boards. How do I Invite friends to pin on my Pinterest board? This is a question I keep getting ask very often. Well, I am using “PinDominator” tool which has not only made my pins higher but also improved my business sector. I have found better improvement in gaining likes So, I have written this blog to invite all of your friends to your Pinterest page.

The next session describes you the use of PinDominator. It has been explained step-wise for easy grasping by you.

Follow Friends and Gain Likes:

If you are willing to get a number of followers then invite your friend and follow the described steps.

Step 1: Click on “follow” button

Step 2: Choose either “Follow by Username” or “Follow by keyword” and click by your choice

Step 3: Give user type as single or multiple

Step 4: Input Thread and delay time for Setting section

Step 5: Input submit action with start option




Invite Friends to Follow Campaign:

If you are organizing a campaign then you must have a target to gain followers and like. Invite your Friends to follow campaign with PinDominator.

Step 1: Click on the “Campaign” button

Step 2: Choose the sub-button “Follow Campaign”

Step 3: Fill Campaign Input by filling the Campaign name

Step 4: Schedule multiple campaigns to Follow or Comment at the same time

Step 5: Submit action with start option




Get Likes by Adding New Pins:

If you wish to invite new friends and to add new pins then try this feature of PinDominator.

Step 1: Click on the “Pin” button

Step 2: Choose the sub-button “Add New Pins”

Step 3: Fill user Input by uploading photos from your device or by giving specific photo’s URL from the web

Step 4: Browse the Pin File

Step 5: Set the Delay time

Step 6: Submit with Start option





If you just invite your friend out of the blue very few might accept your invitation. So, the above tips are for you to gain likes and more pins on Pinterest. You can simply send the invitation by mailing them. Share little bit description about your profile and brand and also attach the user-name of your Pinterest ID.

With PinDominator you can manage the profile in an effective way. If you see the gain in a number of likes and followers with PinDominator then please leave a comment here.

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