There are various options which can help you to improve your marketing on Pinterest. I would like to discuss some of them.

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Pin consistently

For maintaining your visibility on Pinterest you can make 20 to 30 pins, well it totally depends on your contents. If you find your content is good enough then go for the above-mentioned numbers of pins. Your presence can be measured on how consist and often you are on your pinning. So what is the best time to make a pin? It’s in the evening between (2 to 4) pm. This time can get you more engagement.

Schedule your Pins

You can also schedule your pins. For doing the above you might not worry once you are able to schedule your pins you are able to pin consistently. This can easily be achieved by one of the features of PinDominator that is, Add New Pin.

Add New Pin

This module will help you to add pins. Here you find the choice to choose from your device or from the web. Now pin the file in the format as mentioned there that is Image, URL, description, board. Then you are to set the threads, delay in seconds and number of counts. Now you are ready to click on start.
This can help you in scheduling your time and scheduling your pins will keep your content on track and consistent.

Make use of the Rich Pins

Rich pins are the pins that are more dynamic pins. As they add extra information on the pin itself. There are six types of pins: app, article, place, product, movies and recipe. For an example click.

Rich pins

Join up with the Influencers

Join up with influencers on the Guest Boards. This can offer you benefits which include new content to your site and new perspective. Moreover, content from your board is helpful for showing the feeds of the followers of the influencers. This can help you in making new connections and also you are able to target your desired audiences.

Tag the Influencers

You can share the content from different influencers to build up rapport (a relationship with mutual trust and respect) and be sure that you have a good reason to tag as if the content is not directly tied to them it can be considered as spam.
Well, pinning can be considered as a good practice because pinners like to view the contents which come from different places. And if this is achieved successfully you can receive huge pins.

Add keywords in the Promoted Pins

Keywords are considered as the targeting feature. Pinterest recommends that use should use the keywords with the promoted pins. This can be enough to get notified but be careful while mentioning them as if, you mention so many keywords then your content can be shown to wrong people.
You can enhance your search option by mentioning the keywords. This can help people out there whose search is connected with your content.

Try to update your Promoted pins Campaigns

Campaigns will help you in organizing your promoted pins. This is similar to the boards on Pinterest. You can manage your budget if are able to promote the same promoted pins with different targets. Although you can create campaigns for different products or for different seasonal moments but if you want to manage your budget you can use your previously promoted pins.


These were the various options which I can suggest you to improve your marketing on Pinterest. Hope you will follow the same and get success for your business.
Share your views on this blog and if wish to go through other features of PinDominator then can refer to the blogs on the same.

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