Are you struggling to grow a hefty Pinterest following ? Are your Pinterest boards performing well?

The addition of right types of Pinterest boards to your profile will enhance its visibility and increase your followers. It is proven that pages having pictures got 94% more views than those without. So Pinterest being an awesome search and discovery platform for images has a greater impact on viewers.

Are you leveraging this amazing visual bookmarking tool? If so you’ll be excited to know that creation of astonishing Pinterest boards. Lets you share visual contents easier than ever before.

With almost 100 million users Pinterest’s popularity seems ever growing. And with new pinners coming every day it’s  becoming one of the fastest growing websites. Enclosing so much of fame within, Pinterest undoubtedly presents the best marketing platform.

In this blog, you will discover certain ways to make your Pinterest boards creative enough for people follow your business at once. So without any further delay let’s begin.

#1: Maintain Relevancy of Pinterest boards with Evergreen Contents

Pinterest boards presenting evergreen contents remains both relevant and interesting to users all around the year.  For an instance, you might have a Christmas board for holidays. Normally having this kind of boards sounds like a good strategy. People are to take ideas about food, gifts, and decorations while the Eve’s still to come by. However, after 26th it people lose their interest all of a sudden.

Ideally, it’s better to have a large number of Pinterest boards featuring contents that are set to flourish for a longer period. Placing accurate contents that are relevant makes these Pinterest boards act like magnets to get more followers for your business.

Maintain Relevancy of Pinterest boards with Evergreen Contents

As an example, you can look into Pinterest boards showing- Foods & beverages. These remain mostly searched throughout the year. Serving the long term engaging purposes. By successfully attracting current followers as well as new users. Thereby evergreen Pinterest boards offer great value for longer periods allowing you to consistently gain followers.

#2:  Appeal to Users through Trendy Pinterest Boards

Although having evergreen boards is a mandatory notion for bettering business on Pinterest. Sometimes it’s handy to create a few Pinterest boards focusing on current trends. This can be hugely beneficial to whatever business you are into.

Whether you dedicate a new board for showcasing precious jewelry collection or for the best selling gadgets throughout the year. Having immediately relevant boards might help you captivate users mind at once.

Appeal to Users through Trendy Pinterest Boards

Thus create a trendy Pinterest board to promote and showcase your latest and upcoming products. Be sure to include your newest items and see how quick  your products become the most talked about. Plenty of Pinterest users always wants to keep up with trendy stuff. Thus through these amazing Pinterest, you are paving a path to reach them. Regular updates to these boards bring them to everyone’s notice and thus offering you a chance to grab more followers.

#3: Partner with Guest Pinners To widen your Pinterest Board reach:

Pinterest boards featuring guest pinners offer several benefits to you. It often leads to the creation of boards that users want to follow.

Firstly, guest pinners offer a refreshing perspective to your dedicated Pinterest boards. They are seemingly the experts in this niche. Thus invited to help in creating high-quality boards that users are willing to follow.

Partner with Guest Pinners To widen your Pinterest Board reach

Since experience bring along enhanced creativity and prospective ideas. Implementing those to modify the board content gives your business an edge over others. If not all these you are always getting the credibility of someone so well recognized. That his/her simple presence can draw a certain amount of positive attention.

#4: Leveraging Automation Tools to Create and manage Pinterest Boards:

Managing business on Pinterest can be seriously cumbersome at times. Handling of various  boards and pinning content and images in all those are time-consuming. Thus automating all these processes are to facilitate your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Thus an automation software lends a helping hand to your business on Pinterest. One can avail plenty of Pinterest automation tools online. Yet my vote goes to PinDominator– the ultimate Pinterest automation software. It consists of certain amazing features, which can simplify your Pinterest marketing processes.

On choosing PinDomiantor, one can easily add new Pinterest boards anytime. The exciting  ‘Add board’ feature lets you create new Pinterest boards using a single or multiple business accounts for Pinterest.

Add new board using Pindominator

  • Add Pin with New board using PinDominator:

PinDominator makes you content pinning to these new Pinterest boards easier by introducing this amazing feature. The ‘Add Pin with New board’ lets you add pins instantly to newly created Pinterest boards using single or multiple accounts.

Add pin with new board using Pindominator

Wrapping Words:

The addition of these techniques within your Pinterest marketing strategy might tailor your business prowess. Experimenting with the new boards along with the pinning of evergreen contents are definitely to raise your views of Pinterest boards. Thereby increasing the number of your followers and get you more repins.

What type of Pinterest boards do you plan to create in order to boost up your following? Share your thoughts and suggestions via your comments.

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