The title of my blog might seem to be puzzled but at the end of the blog, you will get the proper meaning of it. Leave this apart and answer me first, what are the essential things you need to leverage your brand image?

Well, I suppose the engagement and pins are the two most important things to make recognize your brand among other marketers. You might be the active user of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but the likes which you would get on your pin with Pinterest, no social site can provide better.

I heard people saying “Pinterest is the hot collection of Images”. I completely agree with the sentence but need to add few words here to make it perfect. It should be “Pinterest is the hottest collection of images for business marketing”. I remember the hundreds of brand name which have been popular because of improving viewer’s reach.


When you will join other businesses with Pinterest for your own business account then certainly you will get added marketing features to promote your brand on the fastest growing social site Pinterest.

There are many ways of improving reach I acknowledged while doing research on the particular topic.

  • Be Enlisted Under Most Popular Categories

Are you aware of the most popular categories? If you were knowing then you would have the better idea which board satisfy to work with your kind of business. The research has been done that 80% of female user categories are here. You just pick the most popular and relevant board for your pin. This strategy would increase the viewer reach as well as let your brand promoted.


  • Make Use of Those Images Which work

The people are being trended these days. Your images would be the glimpse of your brand and the brand image would enhance with the number of likes and repins your pin gathered. Clear, high-quality images are more visually appealing and seem professional too.

  • Get connected with other Social Media Platform

Do you use to link your pins with Facebook and Twitter? This is the superb way to gain more followers. And the followers of your business page on Facebook and Twitter can look at your attractive pins and also can be the mutual followers. This can help you expanding the visibility of pins with this platform.

To connect your other social media account with Pinterest, follow the given steps.

1: Go to your Pinterest account setting.

2: Next tap on the social network section.

3: Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account here.


  • Know SEO techniques for Pinterest

You need to know some SEO techniques to improve reach and certainly, it will induce the brand image also. It’s important to optimize your pins in regards to Pinterest searches. Follow some SEO tips step-wise.

1st Step: Do research of keywords. Find popular keywords related to your business and your pins.

2nd Step: Add the keywords to the Pin title.

3rd Step: Add the keywords to your pin description.

4th Step: Add the keywords to Pin Images.


Wrapping words

Definitely, popular pins are the important part of gaining fame of the brand. The above-mentioned tips were to help you gaining reach and it would automatically improve the brand image also. The more reach on pins you will get, the much promotion your brand will gain.

If the post seems useful for you then please leave your comment and feedback here.

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