Recently Consumer Electronics Show that is CES has shown viewers that how technologies will be shaping 2017. As CES is the 1st conference of the year, it was the natural time for all the marketers to come together and point on what’s happening. There were a lot of marketers who were talking about the business challenges from 2016 and it was quite obvious that marketers were hitting a critical turning point for the digital marketing.   

We all have learned a lot about what’s working and what’s not, where are the challenges falling. Now the time has come to fix those matters which wasn’t working in the past and try to build strong and more creative programs for marketing.

So moving forward with the topic let’s talk about the key trends and the topics which will define the marketer’s agenda for the year 2017. This has a great impact on the thinking of brands to how they measure the success.  

Opt for the high-utility content


Opt for the high-utility content

From the last year, we all have seen that how efficiently the craze for videos has raised its demand. Many videos are being saved on Pinterest. It is found that pinners usually save those videos which are of high quality and in-depth. These videos may include tutorial videos, “how to do” videos. You can find many videos which are highly trapped in YouTube if you know what you want to search. In this year, we can find that high-quality content will play a vital role for the marketers. They need to consider how efficiently they can give a valuable content so that they can bridge a gap between action and inspiration.

Creativity will help in having a new growth


Creativity will help in having a new growth

In the competition of marketing world, people usually focus on the direct response and this is the place where creativity lacks. It is easy to count the clicks but is you sure that they reaching to your consumers? Now to overcome this a renewed focus is diverted towards creativity than a metric. For the approach towards success, there is a need to have clear ROI for the need of relation building and storytelling. The promoted video format is a step towards this puzzle. Here you can present static pins below your every video so that you can encourage a strong call-to-action.   

Consider Distributed content


Consider Distributed content

A few years before, content was only considered to tie the owned channels. But today world is changing and the term which we consider a lot that is “discovery” can take place at any anytime and anywhere. We should focus on engagement regardless of where it takes place. Buzzfeed was the site which was used to be popular few years back. It uses to distribute contents all over the web so that it can reach its desired audiences. But for this year marketers are working to move the pinners from the moment of discovery to the fulfillment.    

Shifting of measurements to First Touch


Usually, industries show a great focus on what is easy to measure. The last click intercepts the existing demand but as we all know that the true value will come from creating new demand. And to measure the first touch, digital is the best place. This will allow marketers to transfer their models to the accounts for the importance of discovery moments. This year your aim should be towards driving new partners. For this, new tools will be introduced to help that growth.

There is no doubt that marketing industry is ever evolving. And this year with no doubt will uncover the new challenges, opportunities, and questions. And by the time we would know it, we will be back at the CES, discussing the another year to come.    

Over to you


Discovery is the truth but it takes time and patience. Hope this year will be successful in discovering the new ideas for the digital marketing world.

Share your views on this post and lets us discuss together what are the upcoming demands and how we can overcome that.


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