Pinterest has always come up with the greatest opportunity for the marketers to increase their business engagement. It has provided the way to generate leads for any company. With its new features, it has always opened up a new path. If we talk about the recent discovery, then it’s just the last week when it has released new discovery options. Yes, again, you get ready to have the most wonderful experience on Pinterest.

This new discovery on Pinterest Lens allow you to take pictures of the real world objects and then you can find the relevant pin match. Have a look.


Lens fashion results


With the announcement of Pinterest Lens, they have also announced the option of ‘Shop the Look’. This option could help the brands to provide a significant opportunity to showcase their wares and thus can get connected with the interested buyers. Have a look on the below-provided GIF.

Brand Product


So what’s new you could find in the above GIF? Yes, it’s about the dots. The option of ‘Shop the Look’ pins has dots. These dots are connected to some specific items and the moment you click on that you will find the buyable pins. Just by clicking on the dot you can find the collection of similar items and from there you are able to buy the items which you would like to have. This is the handy feature which looks a little like Instagram’s upcoming ‘Shopping Tags’.


Some Difference

But there is some difference. Pinterest is not making this feature as the advertising option. Here the matches which you can see is not brand specific, till now.

If you wish to know more ‘Shop the Look’ then can click. The software engineer Wonjun Jeong has explained how it works. He has also explained that how this surface is relevant related to the recommendation.

He notes that the system uses both the human creation and machine learning to identify the matches.

“When a fashion pin is provided, we use you to detect the object from the concluding areas of the images that have products. Then we quickly use our visual search and then analyze the same to generate set of candidate products of the millions of products. Then the human keeper expertise with the most relevant products and then they recommend the same products in Shop the Look.”

Every month, two billion searches are made on Pinterest thus it has a vast majority of choices which are not brand specific. And thus it is providing a great opportunity for Pinterest to showcase the top result in Shop the Look pins. And this in return can boost up the purchase.  

As it provides such a great collection, it shouldn’t surprise us if it becomes an option within the Pinterest’s search ads features in the future. But for now, this is not the case.

Jeong also explains ‘How to Wear it’. This is so as they have built Shop the Look with the graph-based model which let the users know how to wear it. This again is considered as a marketing opportunity. Have a look.

How to wear it

He also notes that it correlate the trending relationships between certain products. In a test, it was found that now the pinners are getting engaged with Shop the Look 3 to 4x more as compared to the regular pins. The result was that people use to visit the brand website double and sometimes even triple than the normal engagement rate.

Though the announcement of the Shop the Look got less coverage, but it has a great opportunity for the future engagement. Another point which Pinterest will be looking is to partner with the brands which could increase their exposure.

Wrapping Words

This is how Shop the Look pin is working on Pinterest. Hope you are able to understand the future scope of this pin.

Share your views on this new this, new discovery of Pinterest and let us know about your experience of using the same.

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