Do you remember the half-life concept in terms of biology?

Well, according to Wikipedia “half- life” is defined as:

“The biological half-life or terminal half-life of a substance is the time it takes for a substance (for example a metabolite, drug, signalling molecule, radioactive nuclide, or other substance) to lose half of its pharmacologic, physiologic, or radiologic activity.”

We can apply the same concept here in social media. To let you know the half-life of Twitter is approx 15 mins. In other terms, we can say that half of the people among all will see the provided Tweet in the initial 15 mins and the rest half will see it over next couple of hours. For Instagram or Facebook, the half-life is about 8 hours.

And what about the half-life of Pinterest? It is in between 3 and 4 months.

This is so because of the nature of Pinterest algorithm that is the pins live forever. So now creating and marketing your content on Pinterest should be one of your strategy to advertise on social media.


New ad products of Pinterest


The very crucial thing which you need to consider is the organic posting on Pinterest. With no doubt, Pinterest is improving its products quickly and recently it has introduced a latest key feature that is lens. Lens is considered as the virtual tool which allows the users or customers to use camera function in the Pinterest application. This will be responsible for marking the physical entities in the real world. Also, matches whatever camera sees in real. This will help you to pin the desired item which you are looking for.  

Lens fashion results

This is the new, incredible feature which can prove to be the best. No doubt an organic Pinterest strategy is crucial but in this particular post, I would like to draw your attention towards the latest developments which are made in the advertising platform.

A few weeks before, Pinterest has introduced a feature called as search ads on Pinterest. These ads are applicable for the shopping campaigns and keyword targeting.

This latest feature is providing Pinterest the capability to move into the new purchase behavior of customers. Pinterest is the place where people come and save the things which they want to buy. And being a brand you can offer something on those searches and be the one whom the users will find at the top of their search as now you are able to reach the exact search for your customers. And it gives me a great pleasure to inform you that Pinterest has 175 million of active users among them 2 billion looks for different searches.

Pinterest different searches

Pinterest video ads


Pinterest video ads


Pinterest video ads are the feature which was recently added. They are making it more advanced by allowing the videos to play automatically.

We can say that Pinterest is trying to give its best in order to keep it up with Facebook. As it doesn’t want to loose any advertising dollars from its competitors. Go for these ads and become popular with the passing time.


Go for Pinterest ads


We cannot deny the endless success stories of Pinterest ads. Well, to make you aware of the same, let’s check out some of the highlights of Pinterest:

  • Increase in website traffic- 2600%
  • Maximum click for the purchase rate- 50%
  • Lower CPM- 90%
  • Boost up in account signups- 70%
  • Increase in subscription rate- 40%
  • Increase in revenue- 40%

With no regret Pinterest worth to be considered as a marketing strategy. No matter if you are an app or E-commerce brand or business case, Pinterest is evolving.


Over to you


Opt for Pinterest and feel the change. Share your views on this blog post. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you how Pinterest ads are the game changer in this competitive marketing world.

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