Pinterest has released a new set of advertisement toolkit for the business persons to make better advertisement of their product on Pinterest. The tool gives the new way to promote their content and advertisements on Pinterest. Through this tool, you can target more audience and generate traffic for your business on Pinterest.

According to the Pinterest users who are using Pinterest ads manager for their advertisement received an average of 20% more clicks in the month after the start of a promoted pins campaign.

So, how does Pinterest Ads manager work? In this post, we will take a look that how these Pinterest ads managers work? and how to get started with your first promoted pin.

What’s new with Pinterest Ads Manager?

Pinterest Ads manager is very simple to manage. You can easily do it with yourself. This tool is mainly designed for small and mid-sized business.

This tool includes bulk editor option so that, you can manage multiple campaigns at once, and advanced management so that you can easily track the impact of your promoted pins.

With all these features Pinterest Ads manager all include some advanced features to help your business to reach larger and right audience at the right time.

Interest Based Targeting

This feature helps you to target users according to their interest. Pinterest says that these features help business to know about the interest of the people and what type of thing people want to explore and it helps you to know how people will engage with in the future?

Pinterest Ads Manager

Keyword Based Targeting

Through this features, the advertiser can target the people through selected keyword. When they are in the different mindset and possibly to with purchase intent.

Pinterest Ads Manager
Customer Database Targeting

This help business person to reach their existing customer on Pinterest. When they are looking for new ideas. Pinterest has also enhanced conversion tracking. Now you can return order value and quantity in your conversion tag to help you track and optimize against revenue goals.

Visitors Targeting

In business, it is very important to know who is visiting your site and how much time they spent on your website. Visitors Targeting features of Pinterest Ads manager will help you to target the people who visited your site.

Customer List Targeting

When you are Advertising your product on Pinterest. Then it is very important to keep the record of your customer. Show that you can again target them. So customer targeting list will help you to target your customer through their email id or phone number. This features will help you to make the strong connection with your customer. So that on the regular basis they purchase something from you.

Location Based Targeting

It is very important to know at which location of the country you are getting more buyer for your product. Show that you can increase more sales on that location. Location Targeting features of pinterest will help users to target the place from which they get more numbers of buyers for their product. This features of pinterest will help you to generate more revenue for your product.

Pinterest Ads Manager
Over to You

I hope this post will help you to generate more traffic for your business. Pinterest is the amazing platform to make advertisement of the product. Pinterest Ads manager advanced features will help you to generate more leads and revenue for your product in short time period.

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