6 years before, a new social media platform has introduced and that is named as “Pinterest”. In these 6 years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially in the United States. This site has become the search tool and the source of information from tips regarding wedding planning to summer travel destination. It is the source of all kinds of information you can say.

Mostly entrepreneurs and businessmen use Pinterest for Business. They advertise their product on Pinterest. Using some special and promoted pins, they advance their brand’s revenue and recognition. In short, we can say, it is one of the top social media platforms which can help you in many. So what else more you need to know regarding this? Let’s discuss some points which can explain regarding Pinterest in a better way.

#1. Who rules the world?

Who rules the world?

There is no doubt that women make up the men’s share and they run the world. Women do share all the things based on Pinterest. From a survey, it has found that, among all the users of Pinterest, 81 percent is for women only. Rest 19 percent are of men. So from this, it has clearly seen that women have used this social media in a huge quantity than men. There is no certain age group of Pinterest users. Pinterest users are spread equally across all ranges of age. It has become popular just like Instagram and Twitter.

#2. Your post should be eye catchy:

Post should be eye catchy

Information is posted in Pinterest in a unique way. On Twitter and Facebook, posts are mainly visual media. Unlike these two, Pinterest is the social media in which content is displayed. Now visual displayed contents are becoming more and more popular and less relevant. Many users are having the awareness by posting any Youtube video links. But in case of Pinterest for business, there are many ways available through which you can post any video or other data easily. The features of Pinterest are unique and advanced.

#3. Size matters:

Size matters

You can upload up to 500 characters in a single pin in each upload’s description. It is an opportunity to get the details about what you have posted. It has been suggested that the post should be short but informative. You should put that much which is needed. It is just like other social media platforms with advanced features and makes your post short and informative so that it will be easy for you to explain it in a better way.

#4. Why so important?

 5 Things You Should Consider Before Using Pinterest for Business (1)

It is important because it has become popular nowadays and it has advanced features and tools inside it. If you want to show your content, it is important to share your account in the respective area and these areas should be linked with your business purpose. When men do make their accounts on Pinterest, they include crafts, food, and drink. So Pinterest is important to promote your product.

#5. Be ready with the plan:


Pinterest users are always ready with their plannings and they never fail with their plans. Pinterest says that its users are always ready with their plan and they make their plans for holidays too. So that their plans for events are 60 days in advance at least. That means comparing to other social sites, this social media is 20 percent advanced. No need to remember what is the location of pinning and browsing the website when they are doing so. If you will reach the users directly, then no need to put extra efforts. Reaching at the users directly can be the smartest way to get your content seen.

Final Words:

Information is the best and ultimate way to reach the top and social media are the path which helps in the same to make it happen in a quicker way. If you haven’t used Pinterest for business, then it is the time to start.

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