Pinterest fixes its place under the five best social networks in the world. Approx 53 million monthly users use Pinterest platform for marketing purpose. Today on Pinterest, Business persons are spending lots of time for the advertisement of their products. Pinterest’s advanced features like Business page attract lots of business persons using Pinterest Platform for the marketing purpose.

In last few month Pinterest launched some new features which will make your Pinterest business experience better. Pinterest Team says that these features help business persons to trap more revenue and traffic for their business easily.

Today in this article, I will let you know about the 4 features introduced newly by Pinterest and how these features help in your businesses on Pinterest.

Here are the 4 features that businesses should pay attention to.

Related Pins

Related pin feature of Pinterest is a little bit same as Facebook suggestion page. In this features, Pinterest pulls out some content from the board that you do not follow. But According to Pinterest you may be Interested in that.

When you see the related pins you can give thumbs up and thumbs down to that pin. If you press the Thumbs up the Pinterest will come with the message that great we will keep showing you stuff like this. And for Thumbs Down it will show that Thanks for your feedback we will not try to show this type of stuff again. This features gives power to their users that they can choose to see only those content which keeps some meaning for them.

So for business persons, I suggest embracing this features and regularly giving thumbs up or thumbs down and encourage your followers to do so. This is the best free method of advertising your product.

Guide Search

Guide search was introduced by Pinterest on every platform on the web as well as on mobile. This advanced search option helps users to discover and find things which they didn’t even know about. You can search anything and you will get the proper result for your search. To gain Traffic for your business it is very important to get found in search results. Make your brand name and profile properly. You’re each of the business pins must contain the appropriate keywords in the caption. Using Guide search with strategy will help you to gain more traffic and will boost your business on Pinterest.

Related Interest

Using this Features user can select and visit the interest which they like on Pinterest. From where you can select the various categories according to your interest. And Pinterest will Show you all the pins related to that interest on your Pinterest dashboard. You can unfollow them also. To take the advantage of this features for your Pinterest business, your business must be categorized in a right category. Follow the categories in your industries to get ideas from your competitors.

Private Messaging

Through this features of Pinterest users can send a private message with each pin they send. You can use this to send multiple people. The sent pins and conversation are placed in your notification on your Pinterest dashboard.

This features of Pinterest help businesses to connect personally with their followers. You can create the group for your business and give advance notice about the detail of the new product to your group members.


Pinterest helps your business to meet millions of people through its platform. Using Pinterest features with right marketing strategy will help you to generate more leads and revenue for your business in a short period of time. Make strong marketing strategy by including all the above features in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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