When Pinterest was introduced, it was supposed to be a simple visual bookmarking tool. But Today more than 100 million active pinners discover new ideas and inspire others in every single month. Businesses used to scoff at the idea that Pinterest could drive sales or improve marketing efforts. There are several points which you should keep in mind while using Pinterest for your business.

Today many businesses are using the Pinterest platform to promote their product. But most of them don’t know how to use the platform to increase more visibility of their business. Pinterest advanced features will help you in increasing the visibility of your product if you used it in a proper manner.

Through this article, I will let you know how to use Pinterest for your business. So that, you can generate more leads and revenue for your Business through the Pinterest platform.

Some basic Guideline to use Pinterest for your Business.

Make Your Offering Visible on Pinterest

If you are having the Business page for marketing on Pinterest then always use your brand’s name and official website address on the Pinterest profile page, and connect your other social network site with your Pinterest account to increase the visibility of your business. Always pay attention to your Pin captions. Always mention your Brand’s name and website URL in the captions. Try to explain the content in Captions that how your brand is useful for your customers. While mentioning your Brand name try to include the call to action(CTA) as well as another link. CTA can link to an ongoing campaign, or simply redirect users to your website.

Make Your Website Pinterest-Friendly

Before you start pinning article, content or picture on your business’s Pinterest account, You must make it easy for your followers to pin article and image from your website using a Pinterest browser extensions. Add the Pin It Button to your website for your followers so that they can easily save your ideas for the product to Pinterest.Besides the pin it button, you can also add a Follow button show that your followers can easily find you on Pinterest.

Pinterest for your Business
Study Pinterest’s Categories

Pinterest searches the content in different categories of Pinterest. So get to know which category does your business fit in on Pinterest. But try to make content for your business which can be fit in the most popular category of Pinterest. This will help you to drive more traffic for your business on Pinterest. Because this will make your followers to discover your content on Pinterest.

Pinterest for your Business
Pin as a Team

Pinterest features allow you to add contributors to Board. So encourage your employees to add suitable and interesting content in your brand’s board. Not only you, your employees are your best brand advocates, they often share similar interest with your brand.

Pinterest also helps you to share company culture to promote your business and attract new hires. This is the great way to build loyalty among customers.


Pinterest is the new way to promote your business in front of the larger audience. Pinterest features help you to drive more traffic for your business using different tactics. A business person is using Pinterest but some basic thing they forgot due to which they can’t generate visibility of their business among the users. But adding above point in your business strategy for using Pinterest for your business will help you to generate more leads and revenue for your business.

There are different marketing software also which you can use to generate more leads in your business in the short period of time.

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