We all are well aware of the fact that how the number of followers is beneficial for anyone. So what are the tactics that can provide you throng of followers? How efficiently can you use your followers to generate leads for your business?

Are you struggling with these questions nowadays? No worries if your answer is Yes. Because I am present here to get you rid of these questions.

Let’s move on with this post. But before we start, let’s see why you need more Pinterest followers?

Need of Pinterest Followers

The fact is that the more followers you have the more it will help you to get likes, repins, impression and comments. If you are able to get them, then they can help you to increase your sales, generate leads, drive traffic and much more. The engagement of your customers will also rise.

Tips are as follow

Tip 1

Try to insert buttons

Try to insert buttons

Being a viewer we all love to click on buttons. Try to insert buttons in your post. Make it in such a way that it is easily visible to your viewers. Inserting buttons to your post will help to divert your viewers to get converted into the followers.  The more links you provide in your post the more you are successful in diverting your viewers to your page.

Tip 2

Try to share a lot

Try to share a lot

The more you are able to share your posts the more your are building the path to succeed. It is said that when you share often, you provoke your viewers to see your pins and divert them towards your page. And also try to pin a lot of images.


Tip 3

Make comment on Popular pins

By mentioning the popular pins I mean about those pins which have been liked, repinned and commented several times. You can make comments on that and allow people to visit your profile where you have pinned your images.

Make comment on Popular pins

Tip 4

Try to connect your social media accounts

If you haven’t done that then for sure connect your Pinterest account to your other social networking accounts. Wondering how? Look below.

       Try to connect your social media accounts

Connecting your other social networking accounts with your Pinterest account will help you to increase your followers engagements from those networks.

Krishna De is the one of them who has connected both her Facebook and Twitter accounts to her Pinterest Account. This has helped a lot her in gaining followers from all the three social networks. For a glimpse CLICK.

Tip 5

Promote Individual boards

Promote Individual boards

Nowadays, people instead of following the whole profile prefer to follow the particular boards. So make an effort to promote the boards individually and try to work on the same to gain followers.

Over to you

These were some of the tips which Pinterest provide you so that you are able to gain followers for your page. Make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips. I guarantee you that you will for sure get benefits of that.

Share your views on this post and don’t forget to mention your experience on the same in the below comment box.

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