Pinterest, the prevalent social bookmarking site which adopts a visual strategy to sharing information, as of late declared it had more than 150 million dynamic users. That is over 150 million potential clients for your products or business. And nothing is better than to share the information visually, as people remember it for a longer period of time. Knowing the fact that, initially Pinterest was not all that inviting to the business clients, it now boosts and energizes brands and small businesses to use it as a relevant and showcasing stage. And if you think that Pinterest is only for the cupcakes and wedding inspiration, then think again. It can act as a game changer for any of the business. And below are the facts that are evidence for it,

  • The half-life of a Pinterest pin is around 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.
  • The normal Pinterest user invests 14.2 minutes sticking to the site every time they log in.
  • Pinterest was the quickest growing social network in 2014, growing by an astonishing 97 percent.
  • And the best part is that your content has more lifespan on Pinterest.

With these facts and figures, it’s easy to see the immense power of Pinterest marketing for a business. It is developing like anything and the engagement rates are off the line. And above all, you will get your best content popping up in the Pinterest feed even after 4-5 months. And this is what that really matters for you and to boost business.


Misconceptions About Pinterest Marketing

  • Only women are the majority to use it.
  • People only pin about foods and wedding content.
  • My targeted customers are not on Pinterest.
  • I won’t get time for other social media channel.

And any of them is not true. Any business can have a good gathering of the audience on Pinterest with the appropriate and relevant visual content.

Let’s Dive into Pinterest Marketing

Why Pinterest? Simply because you can’t afford not to!

Pinterest has the power to introduce your business to all new audience and in a long lasting way. But you need to follow some of the best strategies.


  • Make Your Profile Sharable on Pinterest Don’t forget to add the “Pint it” option to your business page, so that viewers can share your product photos on Pinterest.
  • Complete Your Profile on Your Biz Account – Upload most current headshot and add bio including the keywords that you want to be searched. Add all the location and details that would make it easier to find your business.
  • Use Quality Images – Use professional photographs that are brighter and more colorful as Pinterest is a visual channel.
  • Use Rich Pins – It incorporates the correlated information about the product or service on the pin itself, eliminating the additional research for the buyer’s benefit.
  • Encourage immediate, spontaneous purchases with buyable pins – Buyable pins, recognized with the blue price and blue buy button, enables viewers to purchase directly from the pin.


These all process become even easier to handle when a business uses the Pinterest marketing tool like Pindominator. Pindominator lets you target with accuracy, interface specifically and spread your images throughout the day to achieve marketing goals.


From the above discussion, it is clear that businesses which concentrate on exceptionally visual promoting can profit specifically by Pinterest. With 72% of Pinterest’s crowd being ladies it is significant to target specific niches. And it is safe to say the Pinterest permits you to communicate with your audience in a different way than other social media channels.

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