In today’s internet world, social marketing destinations have turned out to be increasingly well known. These person to person communication destinations permit individuals to interface through words, pictures, sounds and even recordings. Users can connect anytime and anywhere. Pinterest is a major player in social media with over 150 million dynamic users. They have caught the consideration of marketers.

Pinterest is a social sharing photography site permitting you to “Pin” photos to virtual pin board to get your pins saw and impart them to your followers

The fact is the normal life of the Pinterest pin is around 1,600 times longer than that of a Facebook post. You can find your content alive even after 4-5 months generating marketing leads for business. Studies have shown that 18% of the Pinterest users have the average income of $75,000 and higher.

Users compose, share and store pictures transferred.At present, Pinterest is prevalent among purchaser advertisers. Should B2B marketers use the platform in their social media strategies?


Pro’s of Pinterest Marketing

Easy to Use

The Pinterest site is anything but difficult to both utilize and to explore. The best Pinterest marketing strategy for the beginners is to make the access of files with just a click on a pin. Permit users to share the pins they like on the advertiser’s business profile.

Generate Referral Traffic

Pinterest creates more referral traffic than many major social networking sites. This is damn important for your business.

Content is Visual

Pinterest depends on photograph sharing. The best Pinterest promoting technique for merchants is to transfer an extraordinary photo of their item or service. Pinterest pinning tips incorporate the proposal of being sorted out with your brand by your making an outline that will arrange your items into the sheets. This will take out the trouble of customers to peruse what you are putting forth.

Market Research

Pinterest won’t just give you open doors for market presentation. It will give a stage to statistical surveying which will enhance your promoting techniques. It permits you to associate with regular Pinterest members. By observing their pins and remarks, you will learn the kinds of stuff they are keen on. It helps you to build a strong marketing campaign.


Women Users

It has been said that 72% of the interest users are ladies and 85% of Pinterest activity is driven by ladies. In this way, if your business customers are ladies, Pinterest can act as a magical spell to achieve your potential clients.

Ideal for Artistic Exposure

Pinterest is best suited for business such as architecture, interior design, fashion design or other relevant enterprises. You will discover Pinterest the perfect webpage to show your work on the web. An ideal path for you to get your pins saw is to keep your substance and posts eye-getting, unique, relevant to business, and high in quality.

Con’s of Pinterest Marketing

Copyright Issues

There can be copyright issue caused by pinning and re-pinning pictures claimed by others. Some lawful bloggers have shown deep concern regarding this.

Large Number of Women Users

If you have a guy interest like football or control instrument, you likely won’t discover many pictures to your preferring on Pinterest.

There is a shortcut to the Pinterest marketing success, the automation tool like PinDominator. It lets you target your potential customers more precisely. You can interface specifically with an ease.

Over to You

What is your conclusion? Do the pro’s exceed the con’s for Pinterest marketing of business?

Share your views in the comment section below.

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