Pinterest is now emerging with latest features allowing people to expand their shopping craze. Introducing you Buyable pins. It is official, the blue color is termed to be as the commercial feature. These buyable pins allow people to buy things.

Let’s move on in depth!!

Blue color indication is to buy

When you are finding the spotting pin with the blue color, this indicates that you are able to buy that product. If are searching something specific then you can make use the blue price filter. This price filter which is indicated by the $ sign is used to filter searches by the price.

It is cool, touch control, vertical slider helps you to move up and down with a scroll and you are able to match your budget and buy the product. The video below will give you some idea on that.

When you are done with your search then you can also use the filter to choose colors and then buy.  

It also has the feature of visual search. the video below will let you know.

This feature has created a new way to reach out to make sales. This let you have a controlled shopping experience. Pinterest does not take cut-off from the sale which you make and you are able to experience the same customer service as you were experiencing always. If you wish to know to get started, then click.

Promoted pins

So what do you mean by promoted pins? The promoted pins are said to be the paid ads on Pinterest. By this, you are able to target the particular devices, locations, and demographics and then you can reach to the customers who showed some interest in your offers. This the pin which on the basis of CPC that is cost-per-click.

The result of advertising on Pinterest has shown the increment in sales which can generate returns of about $100 on every 1000 impressions. It was found that the people who are engaged with the promoted pins, spend 7x more people compared to those who are not engaged. This shows that the promoted pins are the powerful signal of commercial intent.

Another thing which I would like to inform you about the promoted pins is that when people save any promoted pins then other people are able to see the same in their feeds which can help in driving additional sales and especially among the new buyers.

The Banana Republic who had participated in the study said that promoted pins have generated the interest in people to wear brand’s product. The promoted pins have proved to be the successful way for various brands to showcase their products and target to reach the new customers.  

Move towards new customers

It was found that many merchants are now able to acquire new customers only through the buyable pins. And this so because they are not charging any kind of fees for buyable pins. Pinterest had proved to be the discovering platform, since it was launched, for the Madesmith. They had seen a significant growth in the number of new people.

It was seen that Pinterest is changing into a go-to destination for the shoppers.  Moreover, it was found that pinners are open to buying the products of different prices from their mobile.


These were some of the features of Pinterest which are proving to move to the successful future of the online marketing. The new features had always inspired the customers also the new customers to join hands with the latest trends which are prevailing, nowadays. The various researches has proved the increment in the involvement of customers whenever something new is launched.

Hope this blog had inspire you too, to move on with the latest trends and also take the advantage of the latest feature of Pinterest. If want to go through the other blogs then click to PinDominator blogs. Also make a comment to share your experience.

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