Pinterest is social networking site which has gained  it’s popularity around the world. We all have some idea about the existence and success of Pinterest.

Here are some of the fields where Pinterest had marked a footprint of success.

Let’s go through them individually. Further, I will introduce you with some of the features of PinDominator.

E-Commerce Features

Recently, in an online Bulletin board, Pinterest had disclosed the new features in order to facilitate online shopping, this platform has become a hub of E-Commerce.



The new offerings had announced about the virtual shopping bags, which can be filled by the users. When people are ready to check out, everything which was added by the user will be present there itself waiting for you.

In the last year, this had dove into E-commerce with the help of pins for the mobile application. The virtual bags are now available for the people who visit Pinterest from their system and is also available on the Android devices.

Soon, people are able to take snap of picture of any object in the real world and can get related recommendations.

Latest Fashion according to Pinterest

When the thought comes to fashion, people now switch to Pinterest. Being a top Blogger Kristen Philipkoski term herself as a biased towards turning to Pinterest. She says that she doesn’t find other option for her outfits. This is one of the examples to let you aware of the popularity of Pinterest all around the world. When you check the pictures of Australian style.


The only thing which might come to your mind would be Wao! I need the same and if such thoughts come to your mind then you are on the right trend of fashion. It is said that Pinterest know us as better than we do ourselves. It has great collections of fashion trends which have always grabbed the attention of the customers towards Pinterest.


As per today’s trend we all are concerned to get popularity. Then the only motive of every investor. For maintain your presence you need to be updated by the on demands trends. You need to be punctual on your account, follow, pins, campaigns and much more. For maintaining the online business you need to use such tool which can let you up to date with your every now and then activities. For this purpose, we are introducing you a tool which can help you in the best possible way.
So moving on to them individually.


This feature helps you in maintaining the various accounts on which you are working. You can load as many accounts according to your interest or can maintain single account too or you can delete the accounts which are of no use to you.

As you can find below the column for accounts where we had provided you the example how to do the same.

Moving on to the next module which is Pins


Pins though it seems to be less important but it has a great value. The pulse of Pinterest is Pins. As this provide you with the desired activities which you need. The feature allows you to repin randomly or by using the pin number.

Here you find the option of repin number and then you can also update any kind of messages related to your business benefits. Then accordingly you are to set the threads, delay time and then click on start.


The next feature which I would like to discuss is about the campaigns.


Campaigns are the features which are not considered efficiently then may go in vain. You need to be very accurate about your activities related to campaigns, as this can prove to be beneficial for the company as one-time investment but if done efficiently, mind it.

This module can help you to follow the campaigns according to the campaign name or also you can select the account to follow the desired campaign. You can load users to follow and also can schedule time setting. Now you can submit your actions from the option provided. This will surely help you in maintaining the updates of your work efficiently.

The last feature which I would like to discuss is about help.


This feature helps you in getting the updates of the information regarding your setup.

For this, you need to mention the registered name, date, Email and also the product name, next due Date and the last one that is the billing cycle whether you prefer one-time billing or monthly or etc.


These were some of the features of PinDominator which can lead your business investment to the platform which you had dreamed of. Hope you find this blog useful and try to make use of the ideas efficiently.
We will be pleased to know about your experience on this blog and also on the use of a tool which we suggested you. You can make use of the comment box below and let us know about the same.

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