Whether you are using Pinterest or not, you can’t deny of saying it as a powerful platform for sharing visual content. Where just half of the marketers use the platform, its large number of female B2C marketer who is always being actively present.


Social media like Facebook, Twitter and others are top leading websites which are used by most of the business, but Pinterest pins are much spreadable than a tweet and a lengthy Facebook post. The two image-based platforms are Instagram and Pinterest, but now Instagram has been purchased by Facebook so Pinterest is one and only hot ticket item for business marketing.

It’s not surprising why many of the brands are getting popularities on Pinterest. It’s a common strategy for top companies to involve Pinterest as a promotion goal. Top leading tech brands like Mashable and The Next Web has gained much popularity and fame by Pinterest. There are few examples of brands which has gained much popularity on Pinterest and the reason of gaining fame is also discussed below.

1: Chobani

You all might have started thinking why this Greek yogurt brand has got so many followers on Pinterest but the truth is it has one of the most popular brands on Pinterest.




How has it been so popular?

When you will see Chobani’s Pinterest account, you will meet with different yogurt types and shared recipes. It also focuses on how users can differently use its product. It also has a featured board named as “Nothing but Good”, which is also the company’s tagline and it only shows funny images. The main goal of this brand is to focus on the lifestyle of the person and inspiring people to share their taste and to collect good as well as bad comments.

2: Oreck

Yes, you are right, it is a vacuum cleaner. You guys might call Oreck as a boring industrial product, but it is another popular brand on Pinterest.


How has it been so popular?

Oreck has made its image on visualized market very vastly. It has made marketers shocked by its industrial cleaning product on Pinterest. As an example, it has a beautiful feature image which includes flooring style and layouts. So the different perspective would be there about the brand Oreck but the type of cleaning it provides is just superb.

3: Mashable

It doesn’t need any introduction from us. It is the largest news source delicate to spread the news of social media, digital culture and others. Here also there are 54-70% of female users, which follows Mashable on Pinterest.




How has it been so popular?

Mashable has been planning for a long time to get top position on Pinterest. The pins of Mashable generally showcases gadgets, infographics and also provide some news source shareable on visualized platform.


Pinterest has been grown rapidly and that’s quite an impossible work. See the examples given in the last paragraph and also view why these brands are so popular on Pinterest and follow the same strategy.

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