Do you know about the recently launched promoted pins on pinterest?


If not, this could be the perfect guide for you.


Pinterest marketing


Usually for social media marketers, the term ‘promoted’ is so familiar. There is no special introduction needed. On giant social networks like facebook & twitter, they have been promoting their business using the respective promoted features.


However, pinterest is a bit different from other networks. For businesses like fashion and food, pinterest is the perfect place to meet the potential users. Because, people love to use pinterest for getting new ideas, fashion trends and DIYs.


For pinterest marketers, here is a good news. Pinterest has launched Promoted Pins feature, which quite easier to use than the same on other social networks. And here, we are giving you everything that you need to know about the new pinterest promoted pins feature.


Promoted pins on pinterest


For businesses, time is a crucial element. They cannot spend much time on a specific thing. But if you got what I’d said, making ads on social media platforms is not that simple and time-effective. Target setting, budget setting and asset updating – everything takes time.


Citing this problem, pinterest comes with a good solution to save time. With its new promoted pins feature, one can easily make ads on their pinterest business page. And of course, they can promote the already pinned content itself.


So now, let us see how this feature works for you.


Step 1


Promote a new pin


If you want to promote a new pin, just upload the image as usual. Once it get pinned, it will ask you whether to promote.

promoted pins on pinterest - new pin

Promote already existed pin


You can promote an already existed pin. Just hover over your mouse on your pin to see the button Promote. Just click on the button.

promoted pins on pinterest-existed pin

Set budget and keywords


promoted pins on pinterest

  • Give a campaign name for your ad.
  • Give the landing page URL for your ad.
  • Set the daily budget for your promoted pin. The transactions are made in USD only.
  • Give the duration of the campaign.
  • Enter your focused keywords. While choosing the keywords, you should be very careful. Because, the charge per click varies with keywords. So, you have to make a proper keyword research.


If you have already given your business details, there will be a promote button instead of the continue button. If not, you need to click on continue which will redirect you to a page where you can furnish the details of your business.


That’s it. Once you promoted the pin, Pinterest would review your pin and promote it.

review for promoted pins on pinterest



Thus, you can promote your business with ad campaigns in no time. At the time of testing this feature, some businesses used the promoted pins for their promotions. And the results are jaw dropping.


Just to name a few, BabyList, a baby registry solution business has used promoted pins which gives them 70% increased signups and 40% increased revenues in the span of just five months. And Spot Color Art, a handicraft business got sales increased by 200% with the help of the promoted pins on pinterest.


When these businesses got the outstanding results for them, you think you can’t?


So marketers, it’s time to start using promoted pins for the extreme growth of your business with no effort.


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