Are you using Pinterest for your businesses? Are you aware of all the utilities of Pinterest marketing?

Launched back in 2010, Pinterest was a simple online website for photo sharing. However, in the recent past, this amazing social media platform rose to be one of the best online media to showcase your business irrespective of its size.

Startups and entrepreneurs promptly started using Pinterest for the business. Similar to the other social media platforms, Pinterest also has certain surprisingly awesome features that can help marketers get an edge over others in this highly competitive scenario.

In this article, you will get a brief explanation about how Pinterest marketing actually uplifts your businesses and guides it towards a glorifying future. So without delaying any further, let’s simply start off.

How Pinterest Marketing Supports Your Businesses?

Way before the advent of Pinterest, pinning was nothing more than a physical act. People used to pin urgent or very important information in the form of sticky notes.

However, with the rise in social media marketing activities, people started to come up with creative images and started to practice the art of virtual pinning via Pinterest.  And as things got along, Pinterest witnessed an exponential rise among its users as well as viewers.

#Fact 1: Pinterest Marketing Establishes A Platform “Best For Your Businesses

When overall member growth is concerned surprisingly, it wasn’t the social media giants like Facebook or Twitter who won the race. It was Pinterest the completely swept off the tag of one of the fastest growing social media websites.

Pinterest Marketing Establishes A Platform “Best For Your Businesses”

Researchers even found that Pinterest leads the way with almost 60% growth, whereas other social media sites still lag in this area. Thus, it offers the marketers a perfect platform to showcase their products and reach out to millions without any actual tussle.

#Fact 2: Boasting Of Pins Made Easier With Pinterest Marketing

By now all of us know that Pinterest is actually an image sharing social platform. As the name suggests, it lets you pin billions of images and lets you publicize your business. Apparently, Pinterest holds over 72.5 million active users among which around 70% are women.

Boasting Of Pins Made Easier With Pinterest Marketing

So what do you think?  Why would they even lurk around Pinterest if they don’t discover anything interesting? Expert reports depicted that Pinterest was successful in generating more than 30 billion pins by early 2015. And in 2016 the rates are soaring like anything. And all these pins belong to different categories starting from various products, clothing and accessories, interior decorations, food & beverages and so on. Thus, all these marketers have looked into the various possibilities in their businesses can leverage with Pinterest marketing.

#Fact 3: Adopting Pinterest Marketing Can Immortalize Your Businesses

How long does your Facebook post exist or Twitter Tweets flash in front of your viewers? Actually, whatever be the quality of your post at the certain point of time it is bound to be out of the limelight. But your Pinterest pins are immortal.

Adopting Pinterest Marketing Can Immortalize Your Businesses

On an average, a moderately relevant pin can live long enough to provide your business with all sorts of benefits. Thus with proper planning, one can easily come up with everlasting pins. All you need is create relevant Pinterest boards and decorate them with your crafty pin archives. In doing so, not only your pins but also your businesses will gain immortality.

Even though Pinterest marketing seems to easier, one has to follow up various time taking processes and maintain a healthy marketing environment. In that case, you can always switch to automating your Pinterest marketing activities using an amazing software such as PinDominator. It consists of certain impressive features to smoothen your Pinterest marketing ventures.


Thus, throughout the blog we discussed some of the surprising facts about Pinterest marketing. Hopefully, they were inspirational and will help you get a better idea about Pinterest for business. So what are your thoughts about becoming a Pinterest marketer? Convey your thoughts and suggestions via your comments.

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