We all know that Pinterest is the second most preferable social networking site nowadays. This site has created a huge engagement of public interest to come up with the confidence to face the world.

Here are few tools which can help you on, if you are using Pinterest for your business uplift. You all are well known about the features of Pinterest, right?

Now I will suggest you, how to grab traffic with those features, making the use PinDominator tools. PinDominator is the tool which is used to grab crowd of people towards you.

Let’s get started.

The first tool about which I would like to discuss is PIN module.

You will find it interesting to know that about 80% of pins on Pinterest are repined. It is said that if you want a number of repins, you are asked to pin images directly from the websites or can also upload them. This will create 20% pins which will get repined repeatedly. How so to manage this? For this you can use the pin module of PinDominator.


PinDominator to Repin

This feature will allow you to randomly repin from single or multiple users. For this choose the repin type that is randomly use pin or use the pin number. Also, you can mention some message and browse. Then you need to set the threads, repin count, delay then you are ready to click on start. There are other features of this module, for them, you can refer the related blogs.

The next feature which I would discussion is about generating followers. You can connect with Pinterest influencers and can grow your followers by the use of FOLLOW module.


This feature allows you to follow users by the help of their username, also avail you with the facility to follow specific list of users and followers of the user.  For this you need to choose the user type and then mention the username, follow users. Then choose the following type as per your requirement, mention the threads, delay time in seconds and click on start. For the explanation of another module on this refer.

As we all know that the pictures provide the overall idea about anything and anyone, right? Then why no to use the same concept for attracting crowd. You can make use canvas, to create various eye catchy images so that you can introduce the same for your posts.



CANVAS is filled with tons of dazzling layouts, which will make your designing part easy. you can find many layouts present here.

Canva Layout
 You are able to craft beautiful designs that can be used for the visual stage, so as to insert in your posts. Visit.

The next feature for the discussion is BOARD module.


 PinDominator for Board

If you are able to join boards, then this can drive you to the best ever exposure.

This module helps you to repin photos from any specific board, of any user, to your board by the help of single or multiple accounts. For this type the board URL and can also type message if needed. Set the threads, delay, number of counts and click on start.


These were some of the features which can be used as tools to grab traffic towards your posts. This blog can help you in getting the actual crowd to your post and also for marketing tips. As I had mentioned about various features which can help you in getting the desired crowd to you. Hope this blog is convincing for.

If you find the same then for sure mention in the comment box below. We will be pleased to get your feedback on same as this can inspire us to come up with more innovative ideas.

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