Whenever I ask any B2B marketer whether they are on Pinterest or not? The usual answer that I receive is a straight know. Explaining their answer they cite that they don’t need to be on Pinterest as they are B2B marketers.

B2B brands are yet to embrace Pinterest for their products and services. Pinterest has a lot to offer to B2B marketers. According to a survey, just 25% of B2B marketer are using Pinterest for distributing their content among their clients.

Pinterest for B2B Marketer

Pinterest is rapidly expanding social media platform of the day. The best thing about Pinterest is the percentage of revenue that is provided over a click. It is having 400% conversion rate than Twitter and around 25% better conversion rate than Facebook. Maximum users of Pinterest are having an annual income more than the average annual income in the US. Around 60% of the users are women who are really attracted towards online shopping. One last thing, 85% of the users are 20-35 years old.

There is a big misconception prevailing in the minds of b2b business persons. People think it’s for b2b marketers and this thought needs to be reset. The very first thing that a b2b marketer needs to do is to stop thinking Pinterest as a simple board to used to pin image and start thinking it as a whiteboard they use it for their business. When approached with a wider sense, it’s a social media where data visualization, strategic thinking, workplace inspiration and idea generation come to life.

Pinterest for B2B Marketer

Pinterest has a major B2B showcasing potential. Pinterest is a social media that permits clients to outwardly share, clergyman, and find new interests by posting or “sticking” pictures and recordings to computerized sheets. What’s more, trust it or not, some of your rivals are most likely as of now utilizing this channel directly in front of you. The main B2B organizations on our most-stalked brand’s list, for instance, are dynamic on Pinterest, including IBM, Prophet, HP, Microsoft, Marketo, and Cisco.

In what capacity would one be able to B2B advertiser use Pinterest For their own particular interest?

  • Infographics(!):

    Nothing can be a better platform for infographics marketing than Pinterest. This social media site is designed in such a way that it is perfectly suited for long images and it looks dapper when pin in a nice board.




  • Blog Posts:

    You must having a healthy diary of blog entries in your blogs. You can pin the images of the blog posts and aggregate all of them in a board on Pinterest.

  • Industry tips and traps:

    Use content over-picture organizing to transform long-frame tips and traps articles into nibble estimated pinnable pictures.

  • Events:

    Make sheets for your critical industry occasions, where you are as of now making and conglomerating huge amounts of outwardly arranged substance!


social events


  • Motivation:

    No matter what you are pinning, it may be a funny post or an informative one but you must make sure that you are repinning the pins of a influencer and displaying a character for your brand and your products on Pinterest.

One thing you must understand before start pinning on Pinterest that Content is still important on Pinterest. May be text or visual content but make sure you are posting a meaningful content

Pinterest is always considered one of the key elements of SEO. Google has a special point of interest on Pinterest while deciding to rank images on its search engine. If SEO is an important part of your marketing campaign then Pinterest is surely a tool you are looking for.

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